Coleman’s 2016 SBA BDO Compensation Survey

Coleman's 2016 SBA BDO Compensation Survey


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All the Performance Data you Need to Know and not Make Expensive Compensation Mistakes

Most everyone believes the SBA business development officer is overpaid, except of course the BDO! With numerous stakeholders overseeing compensation, it is essential you have the facts, the data at your fingertips to support the SBA lender’s comp plan.

The 2016 Coleman SBA BDO Compensation Report gives you the data to support your plan to all stakeholders — HR, C-Suite, the Board, the Regulators, SBA and, the BDO.

We’ll explain the counterintuitive fact that the BDOs cashing the biggest check actually cost the lender less than those producing in the middle of the pack.

And most importantly, the report gives you and the BDO peace of mind that your plan is Fair!

You must know the performance benchmarks to correctly compensation your BDOs.

Underpay, they may become disgruntled and leave to your competitor.

Overpay, and you run the risk of overpaying your whole team and ruining the expected returns SBA program profit margins must deliver to the institution.

We’ll cover what should be in the comp plan and how to devise a plan that molds the BDO’s behavior toward loan products that minimize risk and maximize investment return for the lender.

Then, we’ll turn to the macro issues of what to expect in SBA loan margins through the end of the year with the introduction of SBA’s 504 refinance program and the annual discussion of whether the agency will deplete its budget authority this summer.

Have the In-Depth Data Benchmarks to Ensure You Have a Fair SBA BDO Comp Plan

  • Common commission packages for SBA 7(a) BDOs
  • How to pay for SBA 504 Loans — including the new Refi program
  • What should you include in your commission matrix
  • How national lenders pay their sale force
  • What regional and community bank lenders are doing in structuring compensation
  • Why you should consider tiered commission payments – paying more for more production
  • Examining the true cost of production, and why “Above Average” producers are the best value for the lender
  • What lenders should expect to pay for $1 million of SBA loan production
  • What lenders should expect to pay the BDO for a loan over $2 million.
  • The impact of the SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 secondary markets on BDO compensation
  • Milestone bonus programs
  • Common clawbacks provisions
  • What’s happening with broker fees
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Coleman’s 2016 SBA BDO Compensation Survey