Mugshot Monday: Borrower’s $11 Million Comes with 28 counts of Fraud

The fallout from the collapse of the nation’s largest credit union continues. Three were charged by the FBI, including Gezim Selgjekaj who was nailed for one count of conspiracy, six counts of bribery, six counts of money laundering, and 15 counts of financial institution fraud. The FBI says Selgjekaj owned several business, which were created “safe havens” for credit union proceeds or that performed little or no legitimate business despite receiving $11 million in loan proceeds.

Those business included: Jimmy’s Trucking; Top Quality Produce; RGV Enterprises; Alba Logistics; GPA Transport; J&F Properties; Lake County Farmers Market; Albkos Properties LLC; G&M Truck Repairs; Produce Inc.; Fresh Fruit; Fresh Start Co.; East Side Farmers Market; RGA Enterprises LLC; and Ristorante Luciano.

Credit Union officer Anthony Raguz was sentenced last year to 14 years in prison for accepting over $1 million worth of bribes, kickbacks and gifts.

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