Coleman’s SBA 7(a) and 504 Loan Data — Updated Through December 31, 2017


Coleman’s SBA 7(a) and 504 Loan Data — Updated Through March 31, 2018
Use this business development database to discover dozens of new SBA lending opportunities in your region, while avoiding risks and threats

Loan Approvals Updated through March 31, 2018
Paid-in-Full and Charge-Off Data updated through March 31, 2018

If you want to increase your SBA7(a) and 504 lending activity by millions of dollars—but want to focus on true opportunities, while side-stepping risky industries, companies and business types—the SBA Lender’s Market Pulse gives you the perfect business development tool.

It gives you a goldmine of certified market intelligence directly from SBA records.

  • Develop a winning SBA marketing strategy against your competitors
    You get current SBA lending activity—sortable precisely by geography, industry, business type and even lender. Start by creating profiles of your competitors. Then define your own market niche more finely and intelligently—so you beat your competition to the choicest opportunities.
  • Identify past and existing SBA loan clients for future lending. Your best prospects for future business are often past borrowers. This database gives you all SBA borrowers in your market footprint over the past 25 years.
  • Increase SBA loan profitability by charging more favorable interest rates
    Compare your interest rates with every other SBA loan and lender—sortable by industry and types of businesses. Make sure your rates are in the most profitable range—that you’re not leaving money on the table and you’re not charging too much.
  • Reduce your risks and threats of SBA loan defaults
    Evaluate the default rates of various industries, franchises, regions or companies—so you can avoid those categories with the worst performance records.
marketplacedraft2Use the SBA Lender’s Market Pulse “big data” to supercharge your SBA marketing program

Imagine owning market intelligence on all SBA loan activity in your city, county, state or region —current data, as well as decades of history. You will literally have your finger on the pulse of your market—and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool.

Does your institution like SBA real estate loans? Loans to doctors and dentists? Franchise lending? Hotels? Is refinancing your sweet spot? You can pursue these and dozens of other niche opportunities by creating mailing and call lists directed precisely to prime prospects in your market area.

Here’s a sample (truncated) loan listing from SBA Lender’s Market Pulse (see bottom of the page for complete 43-field data structure):

Comfort Inn – Modesto
2025 W Orangeburg Ave.
Modesto, CA 95359
Gross Loan Approval $2.9 million
Date Approved May 2013
Interest Rate: 4.75%
Term: 25 years
Franchise Code: 67750 — Comfort Inn
Lender: United Business Bank, F.S.B.

Use Market Pulse’s term, start date, interest rates, NAICS codes and zip codes to create custom target prospect or mailing lists instantly.

To purchase or for more information, phone (818) 790-4591, ext. 1.

Only Coleman delivers complete, updated SBA data—on some 1.5 million loans— organized to create fast, easy custom reports

The Coleman SBA Lender’s Market Pulse database comes directly from SBA records in Herndon, Virginia, so it’s 100% accurate—and it’s updated twice a year, as of March 31 and September 30. When you purchase this service, you will receive the most current SBA data, and you’ll receive one semi-annual update at no additional charge.

Best of all, the SBA Lender’s Market Pulse is delivered to you in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, organized so you can create a wide range of common and custom reports.

Information on each SBA loan gives you the following data points (and more):

  • Borrower name and address
  • Lender name and address
  • Term and interest rate
  • Date and amount of loan
  • Date paid or charged off
  • NAICS industry and franchise codes
  • Plus dozens more data fields (see below for complete data structure)
Acquire the SBA Lender’s Market Pulse now: Start adding millions of dollars in new SBA business to your portfolio

Download this service online or receive a CD tomorrow by overnight express. If you’re ready to start increasing your SBA loan business and supercharging your marketing efforts, the SBA Lender’s Market Pulse can help you immediately. Download it now, during business hours (Pacific), or let us ship you the CD for next-day delivery.

Best of all, this powerful data can help you target ideal prospects for just the kind of SBA loans you’re targeting—potentially worth millions of dollars in additional SBA loan business.

Good news: Cost of Coleman’s SBA 7(a) & 504 Loan Data CD’s are just $495 per year, including one mid-year update, so your list stays current and you can add new borrower and lender data to your target marketing lists and to your competitive profiles. For smaller lenders, we can create subsets of the data, customized to your geographical market area (please call Joseph Coleman at (818) 790-4591, est. 1, for details; please allow two business days for delivery).

Coleman’s SBA 7(a) & 504 Loan Data CD’s (includes 3 mid-year update). . . . . . . $495
Custom Data Sort: All Market Intelligence for
Lender’s Geographical Footprint (no mid-year update) . . . . . . . . . . . . $495

To purchase or for more information, phone Joseph Coleman at (818) 790-4591, ext. 1, or use any of the purchase methods below:

 Five Easy Ways to Order!
1) Previous customers need only to send an email to with “Coleman SBA Lender’s Market Pulse” in the subject line. We will do all the paperwork and charge your credit card on file, or send you a PayPal request.
2) Call Joseph Coleman at Customer Service at 818-790-4591 extension 1
3) Fax the order form to: 818-790-7859
4) Mail the order form to: Coleman Publishing, 28081 Marguerite Parkway #4525, Mission Viejo, CA 92690
5) Click here for paying using PayPal

Coleman’s SBA Lender Market Pulse

Each SBA loan listing provides 43 fields of data, so your prospecting is thorough and precise

When you approach borrowers in this database, you’ll come in smart and confident—knowing all the borrower’s and the loan’s vital details in advance. When creating reports, you can include as much data or as little as you and your team need. Here are the data fields you’ll receive for every loan listing:

  • Program – SBA 7(a) or 504 Loan
  • BorrName – Borrower Business Name
  • BorrStreet – Borrower Street Address
  • BorrCity – Borrower City Address
  • BorrState – Borrower State Address
  • BorrZip – Borrower Zip Address
  • BankName – Bank Business Name
  • BankStreet – Bank Street Address
  • BankCity – Bank City Address
  • BankState – Bank State Address
  • BankZip – Bank Zip Address
  • GrossApproval – Gross Loan Approval
  • SBAGuaranteedApproval – SBA Guaranteed Loan Approval
  • ApprovalDate – Approval Date
  • ApprovalFiscalYear – Approval Fiscal Year
  • DeliveryMethod – Loan Delivery Method
  • PATEXP – Patriot Express
  • PLP – Preferred Lender
  • SBAEXP – SBAExpress
  • DIRLNS – Direct Loan
  • COMEXP – Community Express
  • OTH 7A – Other 7(a)
  • GO LNS – Gulf Opportuinity Loans
  • CLP – Certified Lender
  • RLA – Rural Lender Advantage
  • InitialInterestRate – Initial Interest Rate
  • TermInMonths – Term in Months
  • NaicsCode – NAICS Industry Code
  • NaicsDescription – NAICS Description
  • FranchiseCode – Franchise Code
  • FranchiseName – Franchise Name
  • ProjectCounty – Project County
  • ProjectState – Project State
  • BusinessType – Business Type
    • Corporation
    • Individual
    • Partnership
  • LoanStatus – Loan Status
  • CHGOFF – Charged-Off
  • CANCLD – Cancellation
  • PIF – Paid In Full
  • EXEMPT – Exempt
  • ChargeOffDate – Charge-Off Date
  • GrossChargeOffAmount – Gross Charge-Off Amount

To purchase the Coleman SBA Lender’s Market Pulse or for more information, call (818) 790-4591, ext. 1

Coleman’s SBA Lender Market Pulse

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