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Coleman 2022 SBA 7(a) Lender Compensation Reports

Gives you access to SBA 7(a) lending industry salary benchmarks by job description for:

  • SBA 7(a) Loan Packager
  • SBA 7(a) Loan Underwriter
  • SBA 7(a) Loan Closer
  • SBA 7(a) Loan Servicer
  • SBA 7(a) Loan Liquidator

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Coleman's 2022 SBA Loan Francise/NAICS Performance Reports

Now you can enhance your SBA loan credit memos with SBA data on ten years of loan performance-all sortable by NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and franchise codes. Benchmark for quality loans . . . and you’ll ensure your regulators and the SBA will respect your assessment of creditworthiness of the franchise and/or industry.

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Coleman’s PPP Answer Desk

Coleman’s PPP Answer Desk can speed PPP loan and forgiveness approval dramatically. With hundreds of resources available, membership guarantees that you will get answers to all of your PPP questions. If you don't find the answer to your question in the PPP Library, you will get the answers you need using our popular "Ask the Expert" solution.

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Coleman's Top Ten Newsletter

In these unprecedented times, your SBA lending teams, C-Suite and board of directors need concise information that separates the rapidly changing “need to know” information from “nice to know” information.

Coleman’s new UNLIMITED monthly newsletter will inform all stakeholders of everything affecting SBA lending departments in a quick, easy to digest format. (Note the Newsletter is available to distribute to all stakeholders.)

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Coleman On-Demand Library

Need to have a Highly Complex SBA Loan Subject Material Broken Down into an Easy-to-Understand Format?

You can by Quickly Gaining SBA Topical Expertise with a 75-minute Coleman On-Demand Training Module

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Coleman’s Certified SBA Loan Training

Join Bob Coleman and Lance Sexton as they guide you through the intricacies of the SBA SOP's in these On-Demand 8-week training courses.

Courses available:

  • Loan Servicing/Liquidation
  • Underwriting
  • Closing
  • Loan Broker

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Coleman Report Membership

How beneficial would it be to you to have easy access to expert SBA industry data and reports you need to properly manage your SBA department?

Our Coleman Report Premium Subscription content is the solution.

Become a subscriber, and you will have immediate access to invaluable data and written reports that are required tools for today’s SBA lending managers.

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