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PPP Topics

PPP Loan Forgiveness and Calculating the 1st and 2nd Draws Final Guidance (Jan 2021)

A growing concern among SBA lenders is the increasing amount of time it takes SBA to process PPP forgiveness applications. 50% of lenders report loan applications are still pending over 90 days. The Pending Validation response times from SBA are becoming more worrisome. This Webinar aims to provide the correct steps to reduce the application process time on all of your PPP Forgiveness loans.


SBA Loan Industry Outlook

12th Annual: “What you Need to Know about SBA 2021 Hospitality Financing” (Nov 2020)

Where are we in the cyclical nature of hospitality industry performance in 2020? How should lenders tweak their credit boxes as the hospitality industry faces the toughest market in a generation? Join Coleman’s 12th annual motel and hotel financing webinar to learn these answers to ensure you and your staff have and need-to-know trends to appropriately assess lending risks and opportunities.


Coleman’s 2nd Annual Assisted Living Facility SBA Financing Webinar (Jan 2020)

Mastering underwriting the assisted living facility niche will reduce loan portfolio risk and maximize yields. Over the past 10 years SBA 7(a) and 504 lenders have funded over 4,000 loans in excess of $3 billion to the assisted living facility niche. With favorable loan performance results. This Coleman webinar will offer a concise overview of the assisted living facility industry and give the SBA loan underwriter the knowledge to quickly and prudently underwrite the SBA loan.


Coleman’s 4th Annual Medical Practice Professional Financing Webinar (Oct 2019)

SBA lenders who master industry niches can provide needed capital for Main Street underserved markets, while reducing loan portfolio risk and maximizing yields. Coleman’s fourth annual medical practice niche financing webinar gives guidance so the SBA loan underwriter can fully understand all of the components of cash and profit management of these small businesses.


Coleman’s 11th Annual SBA Restaurant Financing Webinar (May 2021)

As well as you prepare for disruptions that are simmering beneath the surface in this business segment—this Coleman webinar gives your underwriting staff new criteria for accurately assessing restaurant loan risk. The good news is, restaurants are the number one NAICS code for SBA lenders. The bad news is, restaurants make for notoriously risky loans—even during good times. Today the industry faces upheaval due to a confluence of six disruptive influences that could easily turn imprudent loans into disasters: Robotics, escalating minimum wages, zombie malls, immigration policy, food delivery services and social media. This webinar helps underwriters understand how these critical factors affect risk—as well as how astute lenders can minimize and mitigate them.


SBA 7(a) Loan Underwriting

How to Prepare a Credit Memo that gets SBA Loan Approval and Passes SBA Review (March 2021)

This 75-minute webinar will make your underwriters experts preparing the SBA 7(a) credit memo in the COVID-19 Pandemic era. You’ll especially learn about the minefield of possible errors related to equity injection, collateral requirements, financial statements, working capital and eligibility rules.


Underwriting the SBA Business Acquisition Loan — Calculating Cash Flow when Sellers have PPP and/or EIDL loans (Dec 2020)

Comprising 24% of SBA loan dollars and 12% of the number of SBA loans, change of ownership loans are a critical component of lender portfolio performance. They are critical for maintaining a vibrant Main Street in your footprint, with the added bonus of employee creation and retention in these most uncertain times. This Coleman webinar will reinforce proper underwriting and rules for SBA biz aq loans.


New SBA COVID Guidelines in Underwriting the 7(a) and 504 Construction Loan (Aug 2020)

Employment in construction grew by 158,000 over in June 2020. Despite the gain, employment in construction has declined by 472,000 since February. This Coleman webinar will give your staff SBA required items to become experts in construction financing — both for SBA 7(a) and 504 rules in the new landscape of COVID-19, CARES Act, and PPP.


Credit Elsewhere, Personal Resource Test, Affiliation, Loan Fees (Sept 2020)

SBA released number of rules on credit elsewhere, personal resource test, and affiliation definitions and loan fees affecting ALL SBA 7(a) and 504 lenders. Join Former SBA Deputy Director Lance Sexton and Coleman Report Publisher Bob Coleman to learn about all the new rules and the insights to implement them, and the traps to avoid.


COVID Collateral Requirements for 90% SBA 7(a) Loans (May 2021)

SBA regulations are clear that your underwriting analysis must show how the borrower will repay the loan from cash flow — not the liquidation of collateral. In fact, SBA clearly states a loan may be approved without full collateral sufficiency — truly the definition of an SBA loan. This event will give your underwriters a thorough understanding of SBA’s SOP collateral valuation requirements and demonstrate how to calculate collateral numbers flawlessly.


Correctly Calculate Global Cash Flow the SBA Way — SOP 50 10 6 (April 2021)

SBA 7(a) and 504 loan underwriters must know the required cash flow adjustments demanded by SBA to correctly calculate your borrower’s repayment ability.This webinar will teach you exactly how to calculate cash flow so you don’t make a mistake that voids the SBA loan guaranty.


SBA 7(a) Loan Packaging

SBA Form 159 Submission Changes Mandated by April 5 (April 2021)

Effective April 5th SBA lenders will need to access and complete Form 159 within the Capital Access platform. This Coleman webinar will put everything into context, what’s important, and what’s not, and give you a best-practice guide to make sure you are in compliance with the new SBA regulations for SBA Form 159 — “Fee Disclosure and Compensation Agreement.”


SBA 7(a) Loan Closing

Documenting Equity Injection the SBA Way: Know the 13 Most Common Mistakes in Equity Injection Documentation (May 2021)

Do your people make any of the 13 most common mistakes lenders commit in documenting a borrower’s equity injection that result in SBA loan guaranty repairs and denials? Join Lance in this new SOP compliant Coleman webinar to learn best practices and SBA-recommended protocols for documenting your borrowers’ equity injections, perfectly, and correctly every time.


SBA 7(a) Loan Servicing/Liquidation

What are the Critical steps a Prudent Lender must do as a SBA Loan Approaches 60 days Delinquent? (Oct 2020)

Once an SBA loan goes delinquent, the lender’s risk skyrockets. Clearly, you want your servicing staff to swing into action—the right action—at the moment your SBA loan becomes non-performing. Failure to properly service a non-performing SBA loan dramatically increases the risk of a costly repair or even denial of the SBA guaranty.Join former SBA Little Rock Servicing Deputy Director and veteran Coleman webinar instructor Lance Sexton, as he covers all of the actions you must perform as the 60-day trigger approaches.


SBA 7(a) Litigation Plans Compliance, CPC Expense Reimbursement, Wrap-Up Reports Filing Webinar (Oct 2019)

The stakes of not following prudent CPC rules aren’t limited to expense reimbursement. The entire SBA guaranty could be repaired or denied. The number one source of SBA 7(a) loan guaranty repairs is centered on collateral documentation and recovery failures that could cost the lender hundreds of thousands of dollars. Former SBA Deputy Director of the Little Rock Loan Center, Lance Sexton, will guide your staff through complex SBA requirements of routine and non-routine litigation requiring SBA’s prior approval.


Purchase all 14 Coleman On-Demand Webinars: $1995

Taught by SBA Lending Professional Expert Instructors

Lance Sexton has a long history of working with small businesses and educating small business owners and students related to Entrepreneurship and SBA Loan Origination, Servicing, and Liquidation. Lance has 30 years of experience in the origination, servicing, and liquidation of SBA Loans, ten years of experience directly managing portfolios of SBA loans that are both performing and non-performing, and six years of experience as a small business owner. He has served as Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Executive Officer of three community banks building and managing SBA portfolios at each bank. Lance also was a faculty member of the Sam M Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas teaching entrepreneurship courses. He is an Executive Vice President of BankOZK.

Bob Coleman is the Author of “Money Money Everywhere and Not a Drop for Main Street.” He founded Coleman Publishing, an entrepreneurial family business in 1993. Coleman Publishing is a publisher of newsletters, reports, data and a producer of conferences, webinars and online training videos — to help finance professionals become small business lending experts.

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