The Coleman SBA Loan Broker and Lender Table

Weekly Virtual Meetings Every Thursday at 12 pm Eastern

● Direct Contact with SBA Lenders and Brokers
● 50 Meetings Per Year
● Weekly Newsletter

How would you like to confer with some of the brightest, most successful SBA lenders and loan brokers in the country to share ideas on opportunities in increasing SBA loan volume?

Coleman’s Table gives high-level SBA loan brokers the opportunity to participate in an elite group of SBA lenders who will share how to present and get approval for your client’s SBA loans.

How it Works

Every Thursday at 12:00 pm Eastern Coleman will host a Zoom Meeting for Coleman Table members of SBA loan brokers and SBA lenders. Lenders will present their credit box for specific industries and Brokers will be able to ask questions about specific deals.


Introducing The Coleman Table – your key for getting SBA loans approved! Here are ten amazing benefits you’ll get when you join our weekly virtual meetings:

● Expert Guidance: The Coleman Table weekly meeting will connect you with experienced SBA loan brokers and lenders who know the ins and outs of the loan approval process. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity!

● Tailored Advice: We understand that each loan application is unique. That’s why your fellow members will provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs, increasing your chances of approval.

● Insider Knowledge: Our team stays up-to-date with the latest SBA loan guidelines and industry trends. They’ll provide you with exclusive insights and tips that can make all the difference in your loan application.

● Faster Approvals: By participating in our weekly meetings, you’ll learn how to streamline your loan application and avoid common pitfalls. This means less time waiting and more time growing your business.

● Increased Confidence: Are you unsure about the SBA’s loan application process? The weekly meetings will boost your confidence and empower you to navigate the SBA loan landscape with ease.

● Expanded Network: Through our program, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other loan brokers and lenders. This network can open doors to new partnerships and collaborations, enhancing your business opportunities.

● Proven Strategies: Our experts have a wealth of experience in successfully getting loans approved. They’ll share proven strategies that have helped countless businesses secure funding.

● Time Efficiency: Instead of spending hours researching loan approval strategies, let our experts guide you during 1-hour weekly meetings. You’ll save time and energy while receiving high-quality advice.

● Long-Term Support: Our commitment to your success doesn’t end after the meeting. We’ll provide ongoing support to help you throughout the entire loan application process and beyond.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to optimize your SBA loan approval journey.

Your Hosts

Joseph Coleman, Executive Director, Coleman SBA Loan Broker and SBA Lender Table
Joseph Coleman is the Executive Director of the Coleman SBA Loan Broker and SBA Lender Table. Leading a dynamic community of SBA professionals specializing in lending and brokering of small business loans. Previously, Joseph served as President and Managing Editor at Coleman Report and Coleman Publishing, where he spearheaded initiatives to provide SBA lenders, small business lenders, and government officials with unparalleled industry analysis, certified e-learning courses, and B2B webinars.

Bob Coleman, Founder, Coleman Publishing
Bob Coleman
is the Author of “Money Money Everywhere and Not a Drop for Main Street.” He is the founder of Coleman Publishing, a publisher of newsletters, reports, data, conferences, webinars, online training videos — to help finance professionals become small business lending experts.
Bob is the nationally recognized expert on small business financing. He has appeared frequently on Fox Business News, NPR and other numerous media outlets. He is sourced by all print media. He is a frequent speaker about small business lending throughout the US and EU. Bob has a BA in Medieval History from the University of California Santa Barbara and a MBA in Real Estate Finance from the University of Southern California.
Bob has earned numerous awards as a producer of events and video training.
His passion is getting capital to Main Street and Rural American small business

How the Table Works

We use Microsoft Teams as the Table platform.
We will open the Table for attendees to join at 12PM Eastern. This will give each attendee thirty minutes before the webinar begins to troubleshoot any technical issues. Call Anna at 586-804-8775 if you need assistance.

Your membership grants your institution one access line to the Table. It is permissible to use the license on one device in an office or conference room to be viewed by multiple attendees. The Table can be viewed on any device.

We do not record the event.


Questions throughout the Table are strongly encouraged. There are two ways to ask a question. The first is to ask the question via the chat in Microsoft Teams. The second is to send an email to Also, feel free to ask pre and post-Table questions.

1) ONLINE — Register and pay online via Stripe
2) EMAIL –Send an email to with “Coleman Table” in the Subject Line. We will do all the paperwork and either send you a sales receipt or an invoice.
3) PHONE — Call or text us at (626) 824-9431.

Bob Coleman

Publisher, Coleman Report