2017 National Rural Lenders’ Roundtable on USDA Rural Development

December 7, 2017

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

The Farm Bill and Rural Small Business Lending

 Congressman Sanford Bishop of Georgia addressed 70 rural development lenders this morning at the 2017 National Rural Lender’s Roundtable in Washington D.C.

Getting capital to rural America’s Main Street is a passion of his.He praised the USDA rural lending programs and thanked rural lenders for their support.

He discussed the Farm Bill — every five years Congress writes a new Farm Bill. And the next five years begins October 1, 2018.

As the ranking member of House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture Congressman Bishop will be a major influence in writing the legislation.

And USDA rural lending programs fall under the Farm Bill. I will poll the industry for their comments soon. More coverage to follow . . .

Rural Development Borrower of the Year: Phanesh Koneru, PhD J.D. LLM, Excela Pharma Sciences, LLC

Thought you would appreciate today’s presentations:

Business & Industry Guaranteed Loan Program
Kelley Oehler, Director, Business and Industry Division, USDA Rural Development

Click to access Kelley-Oehler-Rural-Lenders-Roundtable-Presentation.pdf

Appropriations Issues & Farm Bill Goals
Bill Broydrick, Founder, Broydrick & Associates

Click to access Bill-Broydrick-RLRT-Presentation-.pdf

Click to access Farm-Bill-Goals-Broydrick.pdf

SBA Export Loan Programs
Bill Houck, Regional Manager, (MD,VA,DC,WV) US Export Assistance Center

Click to access Bill-Houck-SBA-export-finance-programs-webinar-PP.pdf

Community Facilities Loan Program
Joseph Ben-Israel, Acting Deputy Administrator, Community Facilities Loan Program

Click to access Joseph-Ben-Israel-NRLRT-CF-Loan-Program-Slides.pdf

Energy Program Opportunities
Mark Brodziski, Deputy Administrator, Energy Programs, USDA Rural Development

Click to access Mark-Brodziski-REAP-Program-_-Lenders-Roundtable-2017.pdf

Pharma Sciences
Phanesh Koneru, Ph.D., LL.M., Founder, President & CEO

Click to access Phanesh-Koneru-USDA-Presentation-December-7-2017.pdf

Top 10 Secondary Market Takeaways
Vasu Srinivasan, President & CEO,Thomas USAF Group

Click to access Vasu-Top-10-secondary-Market-takeaways.pdf