5th Annual SBA Secondary Market Forum

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5th Annual SBA Secondary Market Forum




5th Annual SBA Secondary Market Forum

Come to Washington, DC to learn what is happening in the SBA
Secondary Market and how you will be impacted by new products, regulatory
changes and the election results.

Specifically, we will discuss:

1. Are Premiums in the SBA 7(a) Secondary Market too high? If so, why and could
they fall in 2013?

2. Now that the FMLP Program has expired, how will lenders move 504 1st liens
off of their balance sheets? Is Securitization a viable alternative? Are there
other potential solutions?

3. Introducing SBA 7(a) benchmark indexes for the 7(a) pool and IO Strip market.
How have they performed over the past 12 years? How will this help you in your

4. How have SBA 7(a) loans performed over the past year? How will defaults and
voluntary prepayments look over the next 12 months? What impact could this have
on the Secondary Market?

5. How Basel III will effect small business lending, including the SBA?

6. Lastly, with the election behind us, how will SBA lending be impacted by the

Speakers to include:

Ronald J. Ryan, CFA, Founder and CEO of Ryan ALM, Inc. Ron has a long history of
designing bond indexes, starting at Lehman Brothers, where he designed most of
the popular Lehman bond indexes. Over his distinguished career, Ron and his team
have designed hundreds of bond indexes and ETFs.

Bob Judge, Partner, GLS. Bob, a recognized expert in the valuation of
SBA-related assets as well as the SBA Secondary Market and is the editor of The
CPR Report, a widely-read monthly publication that tracks SBA loan defaults,
prepayment and secondary market activity.

For the past four years, market participants have come together to discuss the
topics which will impact your business over the next year.
Shouldn’t you be there, too?

The cost for the Conference is $995. Please call 818-790-4591, or email Joe
Coleman at:
joseph@colemanreport.com to register.

Who should attend:
SBA Lending Managers
Lender Chief Financial Officers
CDC Executive Directors
SBA Broker Dealers
SBA Pool Assemblers
Government Agencies
Pool Investors

(Check out a list of past SBA Secondary Market Forum Attendees)


A few nearby hotels are:

The Quincy (202) 233-4320

Best Western Georgetown (202) 457-0565

Washington Marriott (202) 872-1500

Washington Circle Hotel (202) 872-1680

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5th Annual SBA Secondary Market Forum

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