Banks Must Submit List of All Offices to California DFPI Regulators

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December 13, 2022
By Joseph Coleman

Banks in California Must Submit Lists of Offices by December 31

Pursuant to Financial Code section 1077, all commercial banks, industrial banks and trust companies are required to file a list of all offices currently maintained and operated by the bank. The report shall designate the type and complete address of each such office. Please note this requirement does not apply to other licensee types, such as foreign banking organizations, credit unions, money transmitters, etc.

For the purposes of section 1077, please provide the DFPI the following information on or before Dec. 31, 2021:

Name of bank
Popular name of branch offices and facilities
Office type (include the head office, branch and facility locations; do not include free-standing ATMs)
Street address, including city, state, country and ZIP code.
Responses may be emailed to or sent by regular mail to Department of Financial Protection and Innovation, One Sansome Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94104 Attn: Licensing Section.

For questions, please contact Patrick Carroll at or (415) 263-8559.