Baseball’s Opening Day and Small Business Commonality — Stats


April 3, 2013

BaseballAficionados of baseball love stats. Being able to quantify output is key in evaluating and predicting success or failure.

With that theme, this morning we are reporting on some small business performance stats by Intuit, which gathers the information from their clients.

These numbers are not massaged like some government indices — this is the real deal.

The good with the bad:

Overall employment has risen 4.5% in three years, small business employment has risen only 1.4% over the same three years–an annual rise of half a percent per year.”

Intuit’s report based on data from Feb. 24 through March 23 found that employment increased by 0.06% last month, adding 10,000 new jobs, for an annualized growth rate of 0.7%.

Average monthly pay for small-business employees increased to $2,741 in March, up 0.4% from a revised $2,729 in February. Intuit said that equivalent annual wages would amount to about $32,900 a year.

Small-business revenue eased 0.6% in February, with only the construction and real estate services industries seeing increases year-to-year and month-to-month.

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