BREAKING NEWS — No SBA Shutdown: Resolution to Pass Senate Next Week

September 20, 2019

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

BREAKING NEWS — No SBA Shutdown: Resolution to Pass Senate Next Week

ATLANTA – At a fundraiser hosted by the Thomas USAF Group today, former Small Business Senate Chair and current Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Idaho’s Jim Risch exclusively confirmed to the Coleman Report the SBA will not shut down on October 1.

He said the Senate will pass the House’s continuing resolution to extend the program through November 21, 2019.

Also in attendance were Georgia Senator David Purdue and retired Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss.

Congress also appears willing to vote a $99 million subsidy to SBA’s 7(a) program to avoid an increase in fees. (More reporting on this next week.)

You can watch the interview with Senator Risch and Thomas Kimsey, President & CEO, Thomas USAF Group, LLC here.


SEN. JIM RISCH: We’re as always – we’re having difficulties getting to the budgeting. But SBA is is an entity that is well-liked across party lines and it is not something that is partisan and, as a result of that, we work together. 
I think the budgeting there is very safe. I think things are good. 
Obviously we’re not going to get budget bills passed, but we will get what is called a continuing resolution  to keep the government going. And included in that is the $99 million on the subsidy that is most likely to pass.

THOMAS KIMSEY: So you feel good about that?

SEN. JIM RISCH: Feel very good about that. I do.

THOMAS KIMSEY: I think our audience is glad to hear that.

SEN. JIM RISCH: It’s good to hear. Yeah. Thank you.