C-Suite Wednesday — CDC Small Business Finance TeamLA Named Coleman 2018 SBA 504 Lenders of the Year

November 14, 2018

By Bob Coleman
Editor, C-Suite Wednesday

C-Suite Wednesday — CDC Small Business Finance TeamLA Named Coleman 2018 SBA 504 Lenders of the Year

Dean Aloe

Armen Madatyan

Zena Gardner

In an industry that covets individual performance, senior loan officers Dean Aloe and Armen Madatyan, along with BDO Zena Gardner, from CDC Small Business Finance decided to embrace a team approach to pursuing and processing SBA 504 deals in the L.A. market.

Their instincts to innovate and form TeamLA have proven hugely successful. In FY18 alone, this prolific team has amassed nearly $350 million in SBA 504 total-project-dollar approvals.

Seven of these deals were for financing that exceeded $10 million and 22 loans were for over $5 million.

TeamLA has consistently ranked #1 in the L.A. market for 504 production for several years. Putting their numbers into national perspective, the average loan (debenture size) nationally is $808,000. TeamLA’s average debenture is $1.2 million, nearly 50% larger than their peers nationally.

Says Michael Owen, Chief Credit Officer & Director of Business Development

“As managers you pride yourself on having staff that make a difference in the performance of their jobs. You offer coaching and examples to help mentor them to the results you seek. This team needs no encouragement or assistance from its management as their efforts exemplify the level of effort and consistency you hope all your staff achieve. This is validated not only through my observations but recently through a consultant who conducted interviews in the market. “

“What consistently came through from professionals who have worked with TeamLA is a can-do attitude and professionalism in handling business – dealing with a ‘yes decision’ and the appropriate follow through to get to the finish line or dealing with an unfortunate ‘no decision’ quickly and offering suggestions that may yield a positive solution. For business advocacy, expertise in the 504 product, knowledge of general banking, micro-lending, impact lending as well as subjects such as accounting and estate planning, this Team consistently delivers the goods.”