C-Suite Wednesday — SBA One FAQs

September 2, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, C-Suite

The Mid-America conference in Dallas concludes today, attracting 450 SBA lending professionals.

The roll out of SBA One continues to be the hot topic for SBA lenders.

Here are the FAQs:

1. In what order will SBA One functionality be rolled-out?
SBA is committed to roll-out functionality in the following order: 1) Originate SBA Express and Standard 7(a) Loans 2) Loan Modifications 3) Guaranty Purchase Submissions 4) Servicing Actions.

2. What type of SBA Lender may use SBA One?
Delegated and Non-delegated Lenders will be able to use SBA One.

3. Will Lender Service Providers be able to use SBA One?
Yes, Lender Service Providers will be able to use SBA One.

4. Will training be available for SBA One?
SBA One training will be provided at trade association conferences, round table discussions and special sessions. A user guide and an eLearning training tool for SBA One are also being developed and will be made available to lenders.

5. Will BSBA One have user roles based on job function and how will they be assigned?
A user roles matrix has been developed for SBA one; functionality is based on Lender job functions. User roles will be defined upon SBA one enrollment.

6. How does a Lender enroll is SBA One?
A lender will request access to SBA’s Capital Access Login System (CLS). The web link is: https://caweb.sba.gov/cls/dsp_login.cfm. SBA will grant the Lender access to CLS, which will have an option to request SBA One access.

7. Is user recertification for the SBA One System required for Lenders?
Yes, user recertification will be required biannually. User recertification will be conducted SBA’s Fiscal Transfer Agent (FTA).

8. Is there a fee for using SBA One?
SBA One will be offered as a no-cost platform.

9. Can SBA One be integrated with a Lender’s existing systems or can SBA One be customized by a Lender?
As the FTA continues to develop and refine SBA One they will partner with SBA to explore such possibilities.

10. Who do Lenders contact for SBA One technical support?

Lenders may contact SBA’s Fiscal Transfer Agent for questions on SBA One functionality or technical support:

  • Technical issues will be handled by the FTA Technology Team. Non-technical issues will be handled by the FTA Customer Service Department
  • Lenders may send an email to a designated address for support (SBA.One@colsonservices.com)
    • The SBA One call option will be added on the call directory
    • SOP and CFR related issues will be handled by SBA Employees.

11. If a Lender did not originate a loan using SBA One, may the use SA One to initiate loan modifications, servicing actions, or to guaranty purchase submissions?
Yes, this is a planned future release.

12. What is the e-Signature capability of SBA One?

  • SBA One e-signature will incorporate Level 3 Authentication and Attribution in compliance with SBA’s Procedure Notice 5000-1322. This includes an access code, signer identification via public databases searched by Lexus Nexus and Knowledge Based Authentication.
  • DocuSign, an SBA approved subcontractor, is providing the e-Signature service.

13. Will Lenders be able to upload a loan’s supporting documents into SBA One for review/approval by SBA’s Office of Credit Risk Management and other SBA offices?
Yes, this will be a function of SBA One.