C-Suite Wednesday — Top 10 Need-to-Know SBA Hot Topics

October 26, 2016

By Bob Coleman
Editor, C-Suite Wednesday

SBAHeadquartersC-Suite Wednesday — Top 10 Need-to-Know SBA Hot Topics

Every quarter SBA hosts a conference call with its senior staff.

The top ten highlights from this month’s call.

  1. SOP 5010 updates are expected by the end of year
  2. SOP updates will include streamlined franchise and affiliation rules
  3. SBA One will roll out its guaranty purchase module “late fall, early winter”
  4. Export loans will be able to be processed via SBA One this winter
  5. SBA One is approaching the processing of its 6,000 loan
  6. 1,300 lenders have accessed their PARRiS score thorugh SBA One
  7. 1.5 million emails have been sent to 53,000 applicants matching their request with a lender through the LINC prgram
  8. SBA 504 Refinance approvals top $40 million
  9. Franchise and affiliation rules should be released shortly
  10. Re: PARRiS Scores — “This year we are refreshing those quantitative metrics based on updated portfolio performance in the last several years. They will actually be changing two of the rates which compose the PARRiS numeric score for improved diagnostic and clarity. The PARRiS score as you know is a numeric demonstration of relative risk and it also provides each lender, so they are rare on their relativeness as we see it. We’re also refreshing for those of you who are 504 CDCs on the line the SMART metrics. SMART is our 504 version of the PARRiS methodology. SMART refers to solvency financial conditions, management aboard governance, action, quality and servicing, regulatory compliance and technical issues and missions. Again due to improving portfolio performance we’re refreshing the numbers and changing a couple of the rates.