Clark Street Capital Launches Platform for Lenders to Sell Loans in Two Weeks

Clark Street Capital has launched the “Accelerated BAN,” a new loan sale process which allows lenders to sell loans in as little as two weeks. Designed for single assets or portfolios under $5MM, Accelerated BAN is the fastest process in the industry and designed for situations in which a lender is looking to move assets as expeditiously as possible.

Jon Winick, CEO of Clark Street Capital, says, “We saw a need in the marketplace for a quick and efficient process that provides competitive bids within a week and closing as soon as a week later. Banks often find out late in a quarter that they have some room in the budget to move some assets, and they often leave money on the table by selling to a direct buyer without a competitive process. The Accelerated BAN provides both speed and competition.”

Clark Street Capital is a full-service bank advisory firm specializing in loan sales, loan due diligence and valuation and specialty asset management.