Coleman 2020 Death Valley Jeep Trip

Coleman 2020 Death Valley Jeep Trip

When: Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Time: 7:00am – 7:00pm Pacific
Limited to Ten Vehicles
Cost: Free
Vehicle Rental: Approx. $250

Bob and Joseph Coleman will be hosting a 4 wheel drive tour of Death Valley on Tuesday, April 14th.

There is no charge for the outing, but you will need to rent a vehicle or call shotgun with a driver. Coleman will take care of logistics for food and drinks.

Joseph rented a Jeep Wrangler last year from Sixt. You can take a shuttle directly from the airport. The cost for the two days was between $250 and $300.

Please note that the tour is limited to about 10 vehicles. Also note, this is a trip that a novice can comfortably enjoy.

Weather could, and will probably range anywhere from low 40’s to high 90s on this day.

7 am departure from Las Vegas for a 2 hour drive to Beatty. The tour will stop and fill up on gas. Coleman will provide a couple of coolers for water and food. Lunch will be provided courtesy of Colemen.


  • Rhyolite Ghost Town, Nevada
  • Titus Canyon
    • DISCLAIMER: One-way road from the east; this dirt road is rough, steep and narrow. In the event of rain, the canyon will be closed and the trip will require a few alternative stops.
  • Leadfield (in Titus Canyon)
    • Stop at Leadfield for sandwiches, fruit and chips courtesy of the Colemans.
  • Furnace Creek
    • Visitors Center and Gift Shop.
  • Badwater Basin
    • This is the lowest point in North America at 282 feet below sea level. It is recommended that you plan on a one-hour optional flat hike! Bring shoes that you don’t mind getting very, very encrusted with mud and salt!
  • Dante’s Peak
    • Enjoy the view from 5,476 feet at Dante’s Peak, just a one hour drive from Badwater Basin.

Additional Logistics:

2020 Death Valley Entrance Fee – $25 per vehicle and $12 a person. However, every time I’ve passed the exit it has been closed after 5 pm. (There is no entrance station via Titus Canyon.)

Death Valley has had a lot of rain this winter, tour attendees may get lucky and get to witness another Big Bloom!

To register, contact Bob Coleman at: