Coleman C-Suite Small Business Lending Report — Former Democratic Appointed SBA Administrator Mills Supports Conservatives

May 6, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, C-Suite Small Business Lending Report

Across the pond.

It’s been awhile since I’ve covered UK small business lending schemes, always loved that term. Schemes in the UK are code for government programs to solve a problem.

I ran across this article from The Guardian where Karen Mills is weighing in on tomorrow’s UK parliamentary election.

President Obama’s first SBA Administrator is supporting the Tory candidate, the current Prime Minister, David Cameron.

In a Guardian article Mills writes: ‘David Cameron and the Conservatives have made small business and entrepreneurs a priority in ways that have worked – helping them to get credit, get their goods to new markets, reduce the burden of regulations and get access to government contracts. Their plans are making a difference. They are committed to continuing their focus, and that commitment to is critical to building economic growth and shared prosperity for UK citizens.’

Say the Guardian, ‘The Tories were delighted to win the support of Mills who met senior figures in Downing Street after leaving the Obama cabinet in 2013. She praised the Tories for reducing the burden of regulation on small business and for making it easier for them to compete for government contracts.’

Mills eloquently writes: ‘When a storm hits, the smallest houses get hit the hardest. So it goes when a financial tornado reaches land. Large corporates weather the winds, but small firms often buckle. So it was during and after the financial crisis.’

If you are an anglophile, you are with me watching in fascination what will occur in the formation of a new government.

Anyway, I’ve always admired the Brits attempt to support Main Street, why don’t they just adapt the US’ SBA model?, so stay tuned to see what happens after the election.

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