Coleman C-Suite Small Business Lending Report — SBA BDO Survey

April 15, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman C-Suite

For those of you in the C-Suite, make sure you have your SBA BDOs complete our annual compensation survey.

The benefit?

They receive a free copy of the report, and they may chose to share it with you. Or not.

Better yet, sign in and fill out what the short survey of how you compensated your BDOs last year. That way you get the report sent to you directly.

It will save you a cool $295.

It will be very interesting to see 2014 results. In 2013, we saw compensation approaching pre-recession levels.

Last year, top producers saw their pay contracted, average and below average producers reaped significant percentage increase.

And, the gap between the largest and smallest producers grew much wider. Average compensation for top producers fell 21 percent, for ‘below average’ producers’ average compensation rose 39 percent.

In 2012, the gap between these two tiers was .73 percent, but in 2013 it opened to 1.64 percent!

Take the survey here. Note the survey closes this Friday, April 17th.

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