Coleman Movers & Shakers — Steven Johnston, Mark Woods, and Steve Brogdon

July 11, 2019

By Caity Witucki
Contributing Editor, Coleman Movers & Shakers

Coleman Movers & Shakers — Steven Johnston, Mark Woods, and Steve Brogdon

Saint Louis Bank Announces the Hiring of SBA Lending Manager Steven Johnston

Steven Johnston joins Saint Louis Bank with over 25 years of SBA lending experience.

“Steve possesses an exponential understanding of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), an attribute that separates him from the average SBA business development officer,” says Tim Davis, SBA Division Manager for St. Louis Bank.

“I am excited to join St. Louis Bank and work with Tim Davis and the excellent team he has built. In addition to the backroom support, the Bank’s Board of Directors and Executive Management team have both the roots in Arizona and the proper SBA vision to make this a success,” says Johnston.

United Community Bank Announces the Hiring of Senior Vice President and SBA Regional Executive Mark Woods

“This is the perfect time to bring United Community Bank’s SBA lending capabilities to Alabama. As one of the few PLP lenders in the state, we are perfectly positioned to service our clients in ways that our competitors have not been able to. The market needs a good bank that provides top-tier SBA lending and I see this as a great benefit to the small business community,” says Mark Woods.

Mark has 10 years of banking and SBA experience. He is a native of Homewood, Alabama and has been on the city’s planning commission for more than 10 years, a position that he was appointed to by the Mayor. He also coaches youth sports, volunteers with various cancer organizations and serves on the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes at the University of Alabama.

United Community Bank Announces the Hiring of SBA Business Development Officer Steve Brogdon

“Helping small business owners achieve their dreams is what I most enjoy, and I look forward to assisting them with United Community Bank’s products and services,” says Steve Brogdon.

Steve Brogdon has been a business professional for 25 years and has worked in several industries before settling on a career in banking. As such, he is very familiar with the unique needs and circumstances that surround entrepreneurship. Brogdon is a native of Homewood, Alabama and is very active in the community.

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