Coleman Online Small Business Lending Report — Say Hello to the Small Business Finance Association

April 16, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Online Small Business Lending Report

A trade association that represents alternative, online small business lenders.

Which used to be called the North American Merchant Advance Association, or NAMAA.

The name change is significant and reflects the changing landscape of alternative small business lenders and Main Street.

‘NAMAA started primarily as an association of merchant cash advance providers and has evolved into an association for all types of small business alternative financing – particularly those providers of business loans. SBFA will continue to be the leading voice for this industry and we look forward to the association evolving with our industry,’ says Jeremy Brown, Vice-President of the SBFA.

“With the alternative financing industry growing exponentially into a multi-billion dollar industry, we felt it was time for the trade association to evolve with it and open itself up to all types of small business alternative financing providers hence the name change to Small Business Finance Association.’ says David Goldin, President of the SBFA.

‘This industry trade association has been the voice of small business alternative lenders for over eight years and we look forward to evolving as the alternative financing industry rapidly expands each year. We look forward to opening up our membership base to even more members that share the same best practice principals of our current membership base.’

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