Coleman Thursday Movers and Shakers

August 21, 2014

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

tpnbSan Francisco-based Trans Pacific National Bank Receives PLP

The San Francisco Business Journal nicely profiled the lender’s entry into the SBA program. Earlier the bank hired Winston Bandong, Sr. as its Vice President of SBA Lending, and added Marco Chan and Kathy Blakely

Quips CEO Dick Kahler, “Through the years I found it difficult to compete with these people, so we hired them.” Read More

ChristineKymnChristine Kyme Appointed Chief Economist and Director, Office of Economic Research, SBA Office of Advocacy

Kymn’s credentials uniquely suit her for Advocacy’s work. Kymn previously served as a policy ana- lyst at the Office of Management and Budget’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA).

There she specialized in environ mental air, toxic chemical, and energy regulations, analyzing estimated costs and benefits. Read More

TayyabaWaqarTayyaba Waqar Joins Advocacy as Assistant Chief Counsel, SBA Office of Advocacy

She brings hands-onexpertise with regulations under the major environmental laws, including the Toxic Substances Control Act, Clean Air Act, and Clean Water Act. Her private sector background includes working for the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). At NAHB, she filed comments and managed technical assistance programs on such key environmental issues as formaldehyde emissions, air pollutants, and energy efficiency standards. Read More

GlenGoldmanGlenn Goldman Named CEO of Alternative Lender, RetailCapital

RetailCapital has been ranked #35 on the Inc. 500/5000 list of fastest growing companies in America and it named financial technology veteran Glenn Goldman as its new CEO to lead the next phase of its growth. For more than 12 years, Goldman led Capital Access Network (now CAN Capital) and grew it into the largest non-bank provider of capital to small businesses in the United States.

“On the whole, traditional financial institutions provide an uncertain and slow user experience to the very narrow segment of small business credit profiles that they serve. Peer-to-peer and online lenders have solved the speed problem and can deliver capital in hours rather than months, but their product lines are limited and often come at a cost that doesn’t align with the needs of small business owners who fall just short of qualifying for financing from traditional institutions. Also, only a precious few of these non-bank providers have achieved scale and profitability,” says Goldman.

“With the limitations on product and target market, there is significant opportunity to materially improve cost of acquisition and customer lifetime value. Data science and a nimble technology platform make delivery across these verticals possible. We searched for and found in RetailCapital, and its people, a solid foundation upon which to pivot and execute on our vision. With a culture that is based on best-in-class execution, and a distribution strategy that generates 25 percent of its funding through direct marketing, our marketplace model will thrive,” concludes Goldman.

Upcoming Small Business Lending Conferences

Build Northeast Conference, September 7-9, Worcester, MA
ASBDC Annual Conference, September 9-12, Grapevine, TX
SBA International Trade West Coast Roundtable, September 17, Los Angeles
Florida Small Business Lenders Conference, September 17-19,  Orlando
Innovative Finance Delivery for Small Business, September 23-24, Las Vegas
Boefly Franchise Lending Spotlight Conference, October 1, Philadelphia
NAGGL 2014 Annual Meeting, October 28-30, Huntington Beach
American Banker/RMA Small Business Banking Conference, November 19-21, Miami
Coleman’s 7th Annual SBA Secondary Market Forum, December 2, Washington D.C.
Coleman’s 15th Annual Rural Lender’s Roundtable, December 3, Washington D.C.
2015 Southeastern Small Business Lenders Conference, February 23-25, Location TBA