Coleman USDA Rural Loan Update 

The $5 Billion Guaranty Commercial Loan Programs for Rural America;
Includes a Weekly Report and a Monthly Zoom Call

USDA’s B&I, Rural Energy and Community Facilities guaranty loan programs are an excellent complement product for SBA lenders.

But, the logistics are different. Bob Coleman says “Consider this analogy. SBA 7(a) loan production is an assembly line production process. USDA commercial lending is building the car from the wheels up.”

Coleman’s USDA Rural Loan Update will give you the expertise to successfully participate in its programs — meeting the needs of your borrowers while building safe, excellent yield assets for your institution.

Every week you will receive an update containing the latest information of the USDA Business & Industry (B&I) , Community Facilities (CF) and Rural Energy America Program (REAP) loan programs

As a subscriber, you will also gain access to a private monthly zoom call moderated by Bob Coleman. Connect with your peers who need answers to questions about USDA Rural Business Cooperative loan programs.

  • Increase profitability by understanding your risk and diversifying your portfolio
  • Build valuable connections with fellow small business lenders
  • Expand your knowledge and expertise in an ever-changing industry
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Topics to be discussed include:

• New Rules Changes
• Eligibility Changes
• New Loan Scoring Items
• Loan Approval Rules
• Loan Servicing Rules
• Loan Liquidation Rules
• Approval of the Liquidation Plan
• Quick Review of definition of “Rural”
• Case Studies of Structures with Equity Requirements
• Eligibility Traps
• How to obtain a preapproval
• How to get your loan approved
• Structure the loan for approval
• Secondary Market Fee Income
• Loan Covenants
• Eligible Lenders
• Lender’s Functions and Responsibilities
• Credit Evaluation
• Environmental Responsibilities
• Secondary Market Sales
Minimum Retention by Lender Requirements
• Eligible Borrowers
• Guaranty %, Rates and Terms
• Permissible Fees
• Personal and Corporate Guarantees
• Appraisals and Feasibility Studies
• Eligible Use of Funds

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