Coleman Webcast: Financing Franchise Brands, Opportunities or Traps

When: Thursday, November 6, 2014
Financing Franchise Brands, Opportunities or Traps?
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Franchise lending offers a great risk mitigant – Brand Performance History. However, not all franchise brands are the same. Unlocking and understanding the inner-workings of the franchise brand can save you time, mitigate your risks, and grow your portfolio. Franchise lending is predictable, scalable and when done properly, lower risk than traditional small business lending.

This webinar aims to arm you with an understanding of common misconceptions and benefits of working with franchises, what to look for when working with a franchise business and what tools are immediately available for you to use in order to make accurate and expeditious loan decisions. Learn how more than 5,600 lender members use the Franchise Registry ( and why this is the essential tool you need in growing a strong and reliable franchise portfolio.

If you are thinking of starting or growing your franchise book of business but may not be sure how to, or if you are seeking a better understanding of how franchised businesses operate and how it relates to loan underwriting, this session is for you.

Session Outline

I. Franchising Overview

a. Lending to Franchises vs. Traditional Businesses
b. Common Misconceptions, Undiscovered Opportunities

II. Finding and Understanding Public Information on High Performing Franchise Systems

a. The Forbes Top Performing Franchises
b. Fast and Risk-Reducing Underwriting

III. Lender Friendly Franchisors Help Mitigate Risks

a. What is a Lender Friendly Franchise and how do you find them?
b. Best Practice Case Study (Guest Franchisor TBD)
c. In-depth due-diligence found nowhere else– the Bank Credit Report

IV. Where to start? Tips on Using the Franchise Registry

a. Are you a member of the Franchise Registry? (Membership is free)
b. Checking the viability of the franchise
c. Is the Franchise SBA pre-approved?
d. Does the franchise have a bank credit report? Signing the NDA

V. Conclusion – Nothing to Fear with Franchise lending if you follow the performance history!

Who should attend:
Bank C-Level Managers
Chief Credit Officers
Commercial Loan Department Managers
SBA Loan Department Mangers
Bank Chief Financial Officers

This webinar is rated “INTERMEDIATE” for all attendees.

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BASIC — The webinar is for small business lenders who have some experience in the topic. The webinar is designed as the Topical 101 course. This is the appropriate level of instruction for managers who oversee the function.
INTERMEDIATE — The webinar solves an unique problem for the small business lending professional. A strong working knowledge of the subject matter is recommended.
EXPERT — The webinar discusses detailed, technical and advanced topics for the well-seasoned professional. A strong working knowledge of the subject matter is a must.

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Join Coleman’s Expert SBA Instructor:

Ron_Feldman_speakerRon Feldman
Chief Development Officer
Ron Feldman is Chief Development Officer at FRANdata, leading consultants on the franchising model and franchise capital access. Ron utilizes his knowledge and more than 20 years of experience in franchising and franchise finance to improve the flow of capital to the franchise community. Ron is also a principal at Franchise America Finance and Siegel Financial Group and continues to serve as their Chief Brand Strategist. He is often called upon to be a keynote speaker at franchise-related events, and has appeared on television programs championing the cause of small businesses. Feldman has been published numerous times in trade magazines, and is the instructor-of-choice and subject matter expert on financing and capital access to the International Franchise Association (IFA).


Moderated by:
Bob Coleman
Coleman Report

Bob Coleman is the Author of “Money Money Everywhere and Not a Drop for Main Street.”

Bob is the Editor of the Coleman Report, a trade newsletter and website for small business bankers. He is the nationally recognized expert on small business lending. He has been a regular contributor for Fox Business News and is sourced frequently by all major financial media news outlets including the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

He is a prolific keynote speaker at numerous small business lending events across the United States every year – including recent international speaking engagements in the U.K. and Germany.

Coleman has a B.A. in Medieval History from the University of California Santa Barbara and a M.B.A. in Real Estate Finance from the University of Southern California.

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