Coleman’s Certified SBA 7(a) Loan Liquidation Training

Coleman’s Certified SBA 7(a) Loan Liquidation Training
Introducing the SBA Loan Liquidation Training Program: Complete a 8-week online video program and become an SBA Liquidation expert. Your staff can complete on their own schedules — plus receive professional certification.

The loan is in default. The dream has failed.

Hard fact: The single biggest cause of lost SBA 7(a) guaranties are mistakes made during liquidations. When an SBA 7(a) loan defaults, the responsibility for maximizing your recovery and protecting your SBA guaranty falls squarely on your liquidator.

Unfortunately though the SBA allows great latitude to liquidators, its liquidation requirements are tough. While many bankers have experience liquidating traditional loans, they often fail to understand the SBA’s intricate SOP 5057 2 rules for ensuring the continued viability of the SBA loan guaranty.

This course will help participants understand:
  • Exactly what is expected of the SBA 7(a) liquidator
  • How the liquidator must document all steps in the SBA 7(a) liquidation process.
  • How to prepare error-free SBA ten-tab packages to ensure fast payment of the SBA loan guaranty by the federal government.

Please note: This is not a recitation of the SOP—it is tailored to give you the tools to confidently liquidate any SBA 7(a) loan perfectly, no matter how complex.

Goal of this Coleman eight-week online training course is to increase the proficiency of SBA loan liquidators to the “expert” level—to ensure they know how to liquidate a loan perfectly—every time. Participants learn to master protocols for maximizing recoveries, reducing lender repair, and eliminating denials of SBA loan guaranties. It is intended for novices as well as seasoned SBA loan liquidators.

How you and your bank will benefit from this course

Become an expert of SBA’s SOP 5057 2 requirements closely, which minimizes the bank’s liability, repair costs and lost guarantees.

Increase the success of your SBA 7(a) liquidations—ensure that they go smoothly, according to SBA specifications, while keeping costs and losses to a minimum.

Cover the entire liquidation process—from the liquidation plan, litigation and offers in compromise, to the ten-tab report, charge-offs and special liquidation challenges. It’s everything you need to know.

Solve the problem of training people in this highly specialized skill—this is one of very few qualified training options—particularly one taught by a graduate-school-level instructor who is also a former SBA executive.

Obtain authoritative, graduate-level instruction ensures that your team—even your most experienced loan-liquidation executives—will respect the training and that they will perform liquidation tasks by the book.

Let team members learn at their own speed on their own schedules from wherever they choose—format of total convenience.

Earn certification that proves you’ve learned valuable skills and fortifies your resume—professional validation and tangible reward.

Increase the competence of team members in a formal, professional manner.

Answer the question posed by SBA and the regulators of how you train your employees

Reinforce lessons and thorny questions are answered during the bonus Office Hours sessions.

Your faculty trainers bring a wealth of inside SBA Lending perspective:
  • head_coleman

    Bob Coleman, Publisher, Coleman Report

  • head_teckler

    Lance Sexton, Coleman Faculty Instructor

Lance Sexton is the Former SBA Deputy Director, Little Rock Commercial Loan Servicing Center. Lance managed the Servicing of SBA Loans, the liquidation of SBA Express Loans, and the Liquidation of SBA 504 loans in a 24 state area. Lance has 30 years of experience in the origination, servicing, and liquidation of SBA Loans, ten years of experience directly managing portfolios of SBA loans that are both performing and nonperforming, and six years of experience as a small business owner. He has served as Vice President, Senior Vice President, and Executive Officer of three community banks building and managing SBA portfolios at each bank. Lance also was a faculty member of the Sam M Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas teaching entrepreneurship courses.

Your team will learn these skills during this eight-week (about 30-hours) program

Week 1 — Liquidation Expectations
Definition of Default
Lender Responsibilities
The Liquidation Plan
Preparing the Liquidation Plan
Establishing the Net Recoverable Value

Week 2 — Litigation on your Non-Performing SBA Loan
Preparation of Litigation Plan
Approval Process of Litigation Plan
Preparation and Approval of a Receivership Request

Week 3 — Liquidation Expenses
Care and Preservation of Collateral Expenses
Legal Expenses
Reimbursement Procedures

Week 4 — Offers in Compromise
Understanding the Requirements of the OIC
Preparation of the OIC Tabs
Obtaining SBA’s approval for a OIC

Week 5 — The Ten Tab Report for the SBA 7(a) Loan
Preparing the Ten Tab Report
Obtaining SBA’s Approval of the Ten Tab Report
Addressing Repair Issues

Week 6 — The Ten Tab Report for SBA Express and Community Advantage Loans
Preparing the Ten Tab Report
Obtaining SBA’s Approval of the Ten Tab Report
Addressing Repair Issues

Week 7 — The Charge-Off Process
How to process the charge-off
How to refer to Treasury
The Wrap Up Report
Preparation of the Wrap Up Report
Preparing the Wrap Up Tabs

Week 8 — Special Liquidation Issues
Servicing Actions Requiring Approval
Lender Documentation Requirements
Reporting Requirements of SBA

FAQ’s on Coleman’s Online Certification Courses

What platform does the Coleman online course use?
We use Litmos as the platform. You will access the course from the Litmos website without downloading anything to your computer.

How many weeks does the course run?
Eight Weeks

How much time will I need to devote to the course?
Three to four hours per segment.

How do the segments work?
Each week is divided into segments averaging ten minutes each.

Do I have to finish each segment every week?
No, you may complete the course at your own pace.

Are there reading assignments?
There will be assigned reading materials drawn from the SOPs, SBA Inspector General audits, and the Coleman Report newsletter.

Tell me about quizzes.
At the end of each segment there will be a short multiple-choice quiz to test your mastery of the segment. Segments may be viewed as many times as you wish.

What are Office Hours coaching sessions?
Each Thursday at 1:00pm ET you will have the opportunity to log in and discuss the week’s topic. If you miss a session, office hours will be recorded and archived for your future use.

How do I become a certified Coleman SBA Loan Liquidator?
At the end of the course, you may choose to take a final exam. Those who score 90% or higher will receive a certification plaque. The exam is open material and may be taken as many times as you wish. Or, you may choose to complete a case study as assigned by the instructor.

Is there an additional fee to become a Coleman Certified SBA Loan Liquidator?

How much does the course cost?
The fee is $995.

What Others Say about Coleman Training

Thank you for the Class, I thoroughly enjoyed and have taken a lot away. Your course will make me a better SBA liquidator which will effectively save the Bank of North Carolina money, time, and energy in liquidating their SBA credits. Thank You! — Bill Kerns, Vice President, Special Assets, Bank of North Carolina

Coleman’s SBA 7(a) Loan Underwriter course was a great investment! Bob’s thorough presentation of SBA’s requirements for underwriting and processing 7(a) loan applications, together with the real life case studies, increased my confidence that I can do SBA 7(a) lending right! It was a very beneficial ten weeks!
Garry Throckmorton, Sr. EVP, Community Ventures, Lexington, Kentucky

This SBA One course has helped me in so many more ways than I ever expected, and want to extend my gratitude. You guys are great! Alicia K, Loan Documentation Processor

Thanks for the info, much appreciated. Thank you again for a great course. I must admit my initial scepticism of any online class. Your format and delivery was dead on! I liked the video modules, reading assignments, and the office hours really tied things together. Thanks again! — Ben Kirker

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2) Call Joseph Coleman at Customer Service at 818-790-4591 extension 1
3) Fax the order form to: 818-790-7859
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Coleman’s Certified SBA 7(a) Loan Liquidation Training

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