Come to Washington to Support 504 Debt Refi at the NADCO Government Relations Conference 2014


February 23, 2014

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

Bob Coleman: NADCO is putting together an event to get to know your representatives and Senators to push 504 debt refi. Tell us about what is going to be happening there.

Beth Solomon: The CDC community and our lender partners are showing up in force to push debt refi. In addition to visiting our members of Congress we will be hosting with a number of small business trade organizations. At this summit we will be with Senator Cantwell, the new chair to the Senate Small Business Committee, also ranking member, Senator Jim Risch, is a big supporter of debt refi. We’ll have an event for Rep. Steve Chabot, who is on the House side and has been a big fan of debt refi. We really feel that we have the momentum now and we want to encourage folks to be in Washington to keep that education of why SBA lending makes a difference. We are making a difference one job, one small business, and one community at a time and we need to tell that story on Capitol Hill.

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