Communication Disruptions at SLPC

Communication Disruptions at SLPC

June 7, 2016

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

SBA Sacramento Loan Processing Center

Since sometime last week the SBA’s singular in-take mechanism for SBA 504 loans at has been broken.

These are the statements from NADCO:

10:00 AM ET Friday, June 3, 2016
Attention CDCs,

Earlier this week, NADCO heard from CDCs that they were experiencing difficulties in communicating with the SLPC. We immediately followed up with SBA and shortly thereafter the disruption appeared to have been resolved.

However, last night and this morning, we’ve been contacted by CDCs that are continuing to experience problems. We have contacted SBA and they are working to resolve the issues and encourage CDCs to have patience.

NADCO will send updates if it appears that CDCs need to resubmit anything to the SLPC.

4:00 PM ET Friday, June 3, 2016
Attention CDCs,

As an update to NADCO’s earlier message, we now know that the communication disruption is being caused by a downed SLPC server. SBA has shared with NADCO the following:

“They’re [the SLPC] continuing to make progress but can’t yet provide a firm ETA on resolution. Only automated communications such as notifications, approval, screen-out, declines, general announcements, etc. are being affected. CDCs do not have to resubmit anything to e504 at this time and SLPC is able to send and receive regular emails so CDCs should be able to communicate with the Center via email. The disruption occurred when unexpected complications were encountered during the installation of a new, more secure local SLPC server.“

NADCO will send further communications as we receive information on this issue.

12:00 PM ET Monday, June 6, 2016
Attention CDCs,

The SLPC is continuing to work to resolve the communication disruption issue. We hope to receive an update on their progress in the next 2-3 hours.

NADCO will update you as soon as we have any information.

4:00 PM ET Monday, June 6, 2016
Update on the current SLPC disruption:

1 – The IT Team is continuing to work on the server issues.
2 – SLPC cannot access any documents or information that are housed in the server because of these issues. This means that they are unable to access ANY of your application information because it is all housed on the server.
3 – Any response messages that are NOT coming directly from a SLPC employee’s email cannot be relied upon as accurate. For example, your CDC may have received an automated response that certain documents were missing. There is a strong possibility that this message is in error and hopefully correct messages will be sent after the server issues are resolved.
4 – Please do not resubmit any documents to SLPC at this time. Resubmitted documents coming into the system right now will magnify the current server problem.
5 – SLPC’s General email box is not functioning.

Given the magnitude of these difficulties, it is unlikely that they will be solved by today. We will keep updated if something changes.

1:00 PM ET Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Attention CDCs:

NADCO was just notified by SBA that SLPC is continuing to experience server disruptions. Currently, files are being received but issues persist including that automated notifications are not being generated. Unfortunately, the IT Team at the SLPC is unable to give an estimate when the system will be operational again.

As previously advised, please do not resubmit documents that have already been submitted.