CREED Act Gaining Momentum – Special Offer by NADCO for Coleman Subscribers


May 3, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

Bob Coleman: Beth you have a big conference coming up at the Hotel Coronado, what is new this year for NADCO?

Beth Solomon: Bob thank you so much. We have a record attendance this year, a jump of 30% from last year.

Bob Coleman: Great, tell us what the theme is in what attendees should look for. And also how they can register.

Beth Solomon: We are extending registration for 24 hours through the rest of this day if you mention the Coleman Report. We have a lot planned for the conference. We will be rolling out a new program for Veterans called Vet Loan Advantage and we are doing a special panel on franchising. This includes promoting deal flow and management the franchise way. We will have some of the franchise industries major leaders with us along with our CDCs and our lender partners.

Bob Coleman: Last question, what is the update on the CREED Act?

Beth Solomon: We are moving forward, Senator Mary Landrieu has indicated there maybe a mark up at the end of May. We are working on getting our message across to Democrats and Republicans. We are seeing support on both sides of the aisle so we are going to keep pushing it. Next week we will have the first of the CREED Act Road Show that’s launching in Cincinnati.  We have representatives from Congressmen Chabot and Boehner’s offices and others. We are going to take this show on the road because this could be a game changer for Small Business in America.

Bob Coleman: It’s one thing to talk macro policies, with billions of dollars involved, but Beth, you and I have talked to the individual owners of these properties who have balloon payments that cannot get the refinancing and they are staring at the stark reality of losing their investment, closing their business, and laying off a bunch of employees.

Beth Solomon: This was a transformative piece of legislation Bob and it would be a crime not to keep it going. While these small businesses in America are facing so many other obstacles  health care, minimum wage, regulation, etc. it would be a crime to keep them from using their own equity to create and sustain the jobs we need. We saw the businesses that were able to hang on through the recession because of the debt refi and they now want to meet the market. The market is coming back but the can’t do it if they can’t invest. We are all for this, we are speaking up on Capitol Hill and we are encouraging everybody to contact their legislators.

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