Don’t Let Fee Disclosure Mistakes Deny Your Guaranty

Don’t Let Fee Disclosure Mistakes Deny Your Guaranty
Loan Closers will be able to confidently complete SBA Form 159 to perfectly comply with SBA’s Loan Broker and Fee Disclosure Requirements — A 75-minute webinar that lets staff earn e-certification.

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Date: Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern
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A recent SBA Inspector General audit says 40-percent of SBA Form 159’s are incorrectly completed by lenders.

The OIG writes, “Loan agents frequently play an important role within SBA lending programs, often facilitating access to capital by connecting borrowers in search of financial assistance with lenders offering SBA products or by providing other services. However, at times, these third-party relationships have resulted in SBA program loss and risk. Since 2005, SBA OIG has investigated at least 22 cases with confirmed loan agent fraud totaling at least $335 million. Further, our analysis determined that loan agents were involved in approximately 15 percent of all 7(a) loans and resulted in increased risk of default.

In examining SBA Form 159, “Fee Disclosure Form and Compensation Agreement,” the Inspector General said 32% of all forms contain errors, “We conducted our own analysis of the data recorded between December 2010 and September 2014 and determined that of the 51,000 records during that period: • 28 percent contained missing or inaccurate loan number information; • 23 percent that indicated referral agent involvement had incomplete information related to the agent or their compensation; 29 and • 7 percent did not disclose any compensation amount.”

Looking for evidence of risk patterns and fraud, the SBA will almost certainly be paying greater attention to your Form 159 preparation and documentation.

Remember: Failure to correctly disclose and document such fees can risk your loan guarantee and negatively impact your PARRiS score. Recent cases of lender impropriety in this area have resulted in criminal charges and denial of SBA loan guaranties.

This webinar will ensure that your loan team knows 1) which fees are allowed by the SBA, 2) how those fees need to be disclosed, and 3) how to document those fees on Form 159.

Part I of this webinar will cover how to work with loan brokers—how to vet them and manage your relationship with them according to newly released OIG mandates. Part II will discuss which agent- and lender-packaging fees are allowable, how they’re payable—including clarification of the “two-master rule”—and how to document them correctly on Form 159.

In short, this webinar will make your staff experts on the rules governing agent- and lender-fee compliance, including Form 159 disclosure and documentation. It’s smart insurance for you, your team and your bank.

Best of all, this training is only $389 (multiple locations from the same organization is a flat fee of $489).

The webinar will address both SBA 7(a) and SBA 504 loan requirements.

Taught by a master of SBA 7(a) Form 159 compliance
  • head_coleman

    Bob Coleman, Publisher, Coleman Report

Bob Coleman is the Author of “Money Money Everywhere and Not a Drop for Main Street.” He is the Publisher of the Coleman Report, a trade newsletter and website for SBA and small business lenders. He produces online training videos and webinars for small business lenders to teach them to make less risky loans to Main Street.

Your team will cover these critical issues during this webinar
  • How to make sure you’re dealing with an SBA-approved broker
  • What are “best practices” guidelines for conducting your relationship with outside agents—what’s allowed, what’s not?
  • Which fees are allowed in SBA loans and which are not?
  • How to justify and document the lender’s packaging fee
  • What recommendations has the Office of the Inspector General made for increasing scrutiny on Form 159—and why?
  • The “two-master rule”—how to determine who gets paid which fees
  • How to correctly use the SBA One platform to document loan fees
  • How flat-rate $2,500 packaging fee must be documented for SBA 7(a) loans
  • Rules for disclosing professional fees (legal, appraisal, engineering, etc.)
  • How and when you can charge 1% of the loan amount for a packaging fee
  • What are the allowable loan documentation charges?
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Don’t Let Fee Disclosure Mistakes Deny Your Guaranty

FAQ’s on Coleman Webinar Training

What are Coleman Webinars?
Coleman is the largest producer of small business banking video webinars and online training for the banking industry. 95% of the top 100 SBA 7(a) lenders are our clients. Our events help make your staff experts in the issues covered, which translates to higher performance, higher yield and greater safety in your lending practices.

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Why attend Coleman Training Webinars?
A Coleman Webinar is a very cost effective training solution. No airfare, no hotels. Just invite as many people as you wish into your conference room and turn on the computer. You have several options to view the program: You may watch and listen on screen, or watch on screen and listen in on your phone, or simply listen on your phone. The phone number will be provided with your webinar handouts.
You can choose to have any many connections nationwide as you wish when you purchase unlimited access for only $489.

Can our staff ask questions during the webinar?
Questions are strongly encouraged. There are two ways to ask a question: One is to ask the question via the chat box on the GoToWebinar dashboard. The second is to send an email to Also, feel free to ask pre-webinar questions. Your questions will be answered by our expert faculty. All our webinars are recorded.

Can I get a copy of the webinar?
Buyers of the unlimited site license option will receive a DVD recording of the event to share with anyone you wish. A transcript of the program is also provided to purchasers of the unlimited site license.

How does the webinar work?
We use GoToWebinar for the webinar platform. You will receive a link that will direct you to an Internet site to view the presentation. If you would like to test this process to make sure you will be able to access the link through your system’s firewall, just send an email to, and he will schedule a test run.

How do we access GoToWebinar?
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Will I receive handouts for the webinar?
You will receive the pdf handout via email the day before the event. Copies may be distributed to all of your attendees.

What if I miss some or all of my webinar?
If something comes up and you miss any part of the webinar, or there are technical issues, such as a power failure, Internet dropout, fire alarm drills, actual fires or, earthquake (yes, that has happened!) simply email and he will send you a link, so you may watch all or part of the webinar at your leisure. There is no charge for this service.

What are your pricing and guaranty policies?
1) The single user registration fee of $389 is based on location not attendance. You may have as many people in one location attend. You may distribute the materials to anybody in your company.
2) For only $100 more ($489), you may invite as many people from your institution from as many locations as you wish. (You also get the reply link and transcript!) We will forward you a link that allows you to sign up as many people as you wish.
3) Substitutions are allowed at no charge.
4) Cancellations receive a 100% credit for any Coleman product.
5) As with all our products, we offer a 100% money back satisfaction guaranty — no questions asked.

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