First Annual Small Business Loan Brokers Conference Opens in Vegas

March 10, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

Reporting from the 2015 National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers Annual Conference

Interview with Kris Roglieri, Founder & CEO, Commercial Capital Training Group and David Nayor, President & COO, BoeFly, LLC

Bob Coleman: “Welcome to the first annual National Alliance of Commercial Loan Brokers Conference, what is the goal of this conference?”

Kris Roglieri: “We are here to establish a home for commercial loan brokers, to create advocacy, and to enhance that relationship that loan brokers and lenders have.”

Bob Coleman: “Amazing turnout, how many brokers are here and how many lenders are here?”

Kris Roglieri: “We have about 220 loan brokers that attended and about 100 lenders total.”

Bob Coleman: “Wow that is an amazing turnout, David, Boefly participates in this niche on both ends, the lenders and the brokers, what is the takeaway that you want both groups to have from this event?”

David Nayor: “As Kris mentioned, education, advocacy, and deal making. This is a deal making summit. We expect that there will be deals that come out of this, where brokers are meeting lenders here, on all types of products. We didn’t want this to be a niche with a certain small business or commercoal loan product. We’ve got merchant cash advance, alternative lending, SBA lending, real estate lending, factoring, equipment leasing, 401k rollover, and we really wanted the brokers to get access to those lenders.

Bob Coleman: “You know my impression about this event is that there is a lot of high energy here, a lot of deal making. I like the offer you guys made, which is?”

David Nayor: “The offer was, the first broker and lender that generate and originate a deal and term sheet at the conference will walk away with iPad’s. We have already gotten submissions and we are about three hours into the conference already.”

Bob Coleman: “I love it. Well my takeaway is, if you are a lender and you rely on broker deals, and if you are a broker and you rely on lenders, plan on being here for the second annual one. Good job guys.”

Kris Roglieri: “Thanks Bob”

David Nayor: “Thanks Bob”