Five Months without a Replacement for SBA Administrator?


July 22, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

KarenMillsLarge“There is no excuse for the administration’s inaction. Sadly, it appears the stated support for Main Street by the President during election was only pandering. It is ridiculous that the White House can’t find a qualified nominee after five months. There are a number of worthy candidates available from both the public and private sector.”

That is what I told Entrepreneur’s Cat Clifford when asked about the lack of a nominee for SBA Administrator.

Rep. Sam Graves (R, Mo.), the chairman of the House Small Business Committee shares my views.

He told Cat it is “very disappointing” that the Obama administration had not come up with a new leader for the SBA yet. “The SBA performs an important role for many small businesses, and the administration should make small businesses a higher priority by finding a new administrator as quickly as possible.”

Karen Mills will leave the agency at the end of August.

“Mills will continue work on economic issues surrounding entrepreneurship at both Harvard Business School and Harvard’s Kennedy School starting this fall.”

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