FLASH: Defense Rests for banc-serv Defendants

August 2, 2021

By Joseph Coleman
and Delaney Sexton
Contributing Editors, Coleman Report

Final Government witness testimonies wrapped up early Monday afternoon followed by all five defendants quickly waiving their right to testify and a swift defense rest. All motions of dismissal were denied by Chief Judge Tanya Pratt.

Prosecutors re-examined LGPC Retired Center Director Frank Pucci, who testified that banc-serv employee Nicole Smith repeatedly submitted SBA Form 327 for “reconsiderations” and “another attempt for a bite at the apple.”

When asked if Mr. Pucci believed banc-serv employees were trying to deceive the SBA, he replied, “You have to believe that the lenders and LSPs are honest.”

Travis Bartleson, a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, was the final witness to testify for the prosecution. On November 18, 2020, he interviewed Kelly Isley over a video conference for four hours. During this interview, she read documents relating to a specific small business loan, and Bartleson testifies “she said she lied to get the guaranty”.

Jurors were released to go home early this afternoon, and they were told to return in the morning for closing arguments. Afterward, they will deliberate and come to a verdict for each of the five defendants.

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