Fraud Friday – Banker Faked Death to Avoid the Law and Become a Homeless Day Laborer


January 3, 2014

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

policeAfter ripping off $21 million from a Georgia bank, Aubrey Price went on the lamb 18 months ago, only to be done in by tinted windows.

Cops in South Eastern Georgia pulled over his car for the window violation and became immediately suspicious when he proffered multiple identity cards, but failed to say which one was correct.

“The gentleman’s story just didn’t add up,” said the sheriff.

The last time Price was seen was 18 months ago when he boarded a ferry to Key West. He left behind a written confession and a note saying he planned to kill himself. Instead, he went off the grid as a homeless person, earning money as a migrant worker.

He faces one count of bank fraud.

His wife says she will withdraw her court petition to have him declared legally dead.

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