Fraud Friday — Kerri Agee out of banc-serv

Fraud Friday — Kerri Agee out of banc-serv

April 13, 2018

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Fraud Friday

Kerri Agee has left the SBA lender service provider she co-founded 16 years ago.

Kerri’s departure is six months after the FBI raided banc-serv’s offices. Tipped off, Indianapolis television stations sent their news vans and prominently covered the raid. Coverage showed a padlocked door and agents with big FBI stencilled lettering on jackets leaving the company with boxes of evidence.

When asked about the current status of banc-serv, Newtek President Barry Sloan told me this morning, “The company is continuing to cooperate with the FBI on a going forward basis.”

“We are increasing the management team. And I feel good where we are. We believe banc-serv is a major going forward brand.”

(banc-serv is a controlled portfolio company of Newtek Business Services.)

I reached out to Kerri this morning and asked her for a comment

She writes:

Bob, yes definitely… here is my statement:

On Monday April 9th, 2018 I resigned my employment with banc-serv.

Over the past 16 years I have been blessed be a part of the banc-serv family and to work in an industry with people and businesses across the US that are searching for the American dream. No words can explain the joy my career has given me. I have cherished my time with everyone in the industry and the entrepreneurs of America.

The time has come that my first born “banc-serv” to move on into adulthood and I move on to raise my three girls and enjoy time with my family. I am excited to continue to spend time at cheer competitions, horseback riding events and talking about all their trials of life.

As life continues to change and mold into its own I want to thank everyone for being a part of my career for the past 22 years. I wish all of you continued health and happiness.

Coupled with Kerri’s leaving, banc-serv announces several senior management appointments:

Karen McHugh, Executive Vice President, Operations
Robert Hawes, Executive Vice President, Finance
Tamara Hall, Chief Administrative Officer
Tucker Herring, Director of Sales and Business Development
Brent Ciurlino, Board of Directors

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