Fraud Friday – Man with Net Worth of $169 Million Never Makes Payment on $1.5 Million Credit Line


November 22, 2013

By Bob Coleman
Coleman Report


2012_NAIAS_Red_Porsche_991_convertible_(world_premiere)Well, his personal financial statement said he was worth $169 million.

Arkansas-based OneBanc approved a $1.5 million line of credit to to the owner of patents for technology related to a more efficient combustion engine.

Says the FBI, “Alberto Solaroli falsified the nature and scope of his assets, the value of his assets, and his overall personal net worth. As a result of his sworn financial statement, Solaroli received a one year line of credit which he took within the first month of the loan approval, with over $900,000 being paid to Porche Motorsport,

“Solaroli never made a single payment on the loan causing OneBanc to sue Solaroli. In 2008, OneBanc received a civil judgment in Florida for $1.5 million dollars which Solarioli has not paid. “

Seems he needed a collection of porsches to test out his patents.

Alberto was indicted on one count of bank fraud and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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