Fraud Friday – Where’s the Beef


March 14, 2014

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

Not as collateral for three cow loans as promised says a Kansas Assistant United States Attorney.

Kansas State Representative Trent LeDoux borrowed money from Farmers and Merchants Bank of Colby to purchase the livestock; $106,000 in July, 2011, $175,500 in December of that year, and $183,000 in April 2012.

The problem?

“In truth and in fact as the defendant fully well knew when he was applying for the loans, he did not intend to use all the funds to purchase cattle, but to pay off existing indebtedness to others as well as to make political contributions to his political account,” says the Grand Jury indictment.

$27,000 was funneled to his campaign.

Trent was appointed to the Kansas House in 2011, but lost in the Republican primary in August 2012.

He faces the obligatory 30 years in jail and millions of dollars in fines, plus restitution of $465,000.

Read the indictment here