Hot Topic Tuesday — Big Data Serve Main Street

June 27, 2016

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Hot Topic Tuesday

Hot Topic Tuesday — Big Data Serve Main Street

Bob Coleman: John Brandow, Principle, Founder, BizMiner. John, you’re a big data guy, aren’t you? I’m looking at these numbers, 200,000 data points. Actually, it’s more than that. What is BizMiner and tell us about your big data.

John Brandow: Well, the company’s been around per say for over 20 years now and we’ve been selling data analysis online since 2000, 2001 primarily at first to small business owners directly and increasingly through licenses to accountants, valuation professionals, a small number of banks, insurance companies, et cetera. But we have content in two very different areas. One, we started as and continue to be a financial benchmarking analyst. We cover about 5,000 lines of business which really dwarfs most of the other data vendors out there and financial analysis work and maybe 12 sales classes for most of those 5,000 segments. We cover them at national, state, and local levels and we have full financial reporting available, 22 line, P&L 16 line, balance sheets, 33 financial ratios in each one of our corporate reports. We also have a whole set of sole proprietorship reports to benchmark those micro firms as well. That content is available online in a variety of formats with all sorts of custom formatting and scoring and inputting available to those who desire it.

Bob Coleman: But it’s very robust, the information that’s available. So you listed a number of different entities, but let’s just talk about pure marketing. What could a pure marketing person wanting to get into a specific NAISC code in a specific geographic territory – how can they use your data?

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