Illinois SBA 7(a) Lender Rankings for FY 2023

1Byline Bank (IL)99$138,557,000$1,399,566
2The Huntington National Bank (OH)534$96,116,500$179,993
3Millennium Bank (IL)13$37,987,700$2,922,131
4Live Oak Banking Company (NC)29$35,498,500$1,224,086
5Village Bank and Trust, National Association (IL)43$29,152,400$677,963
6Merchants Bank of Indiana (IN)15$28,380,200$1,892,013
7Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)40$24,887,300$622,183
8GBank (NV)10$24,106,000$2,410,600
9U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)131$22,338,000$170,519
10Old National Bank (IN)24$20,984,900$874,371
11Busey Bank (IL)19$20,552,500$1,081,711
12JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (OH)104$19,860,100$190,963
13First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)12$14,438,000$1,203,167
14Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)34$14,397,500$423,456
15Fifth Third Bank (OH)18$14,144,000$785,778
16VelocitySBA, LLC (CA)9$14,059,200$1,562,133
17First Bank of the Lake (MO)9$13,278,500$1,475,389
18BayFirst National Bank (FL)91$12,891,500$141,665
19Cadence Bank (MS)35$12,240,400$349,726
20FWBank (IL)6$11,990,300$1,998,383
21CenTrust Bank, National Association (IL)12$11,717,000$976,417
22Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)11$11,516,700$1,046,973
23St. Charles Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)12$10,843,500$903,625
24First American Bank (IL)14$10,699,100$764,221
25Enterprise Bank & Trust (MO)7$10,563,000$1,509,000
26Midland States Bank (IL)23$9,255,500$402,413
27Barrington Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)9$9,078,000$1,008,667
28Bank of America, National Association (SC)30$7,713,300$257,110
29Citibank, N.A. (SD)6$7,617,000$1,269,500
30Wintrust Bank, National Association (IL)6$7,150,000$1,191,667
31Wheaton Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)15$7,131,600$475,440
32PNC Bank, National Association (DE)42$6,909,700$164,517
33Schaumburg Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)8$6,880,500$860,063
34LendingClub Bank, National Association (IL)4$6,848,300$1,712,075
35Tandem Bank (GA)9$6,765,000$751,667
36Pathward National Association (SD)4$6,722,400$1,680,600
37First Chatham Bank (GA)9$6,653,500$739,278
38Centerstone SBA Lending, Inc. (CA)7$6,147,000$878,143
39The Bancorp Bank National Association (SD)3$6,058,900$2,019,633
40Capital One, National Association (VA)5$6,026,000$1,205,200
41Readycap Lending, LLC (NJ)22$6,014,000$273,364
42Everwise Credit Union (IN)3$5,600,000$1,866,667
43Union National Bank (IL)17$5,511,600$324,212
44BMO Bank National Association (WI)5$5,348,800$1,069,760
45Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)8$5,279,200$659,900
46US Metro Bank (CA)1$4,830,000$4,830,000
47Independent Bank (MI)1$4,809,000$4,809,000
48Bank of Springfield (IL)27$4,724,700$174,989
49Hanmi Bank (CA)1$4,500,000$4,500,000
50Bravera Bank (ND)1$4,320,000$4,320,000
51Pan American Bank & Trust (IL)8$4,288,500$536,063
52United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)24$4,042,000$168,417
53Associated Bank, National Association (WI)5$4,035,300$807,060
54The Bank of Houston (MO)5$3,920,000$784,000
55First Mid Bank & Trust, National Association (IL)16$3,914,200$244,638
56American Community Bank & Trust (IL)6$3,768,800$628,133
57St. Louis Bank (MO)2$3,719,000$1,859,500
58Woori America Bank (NY)5$3,663,000$732,600
59First Business Bank (WI)2$3,603,000$1,801,500
60Midwest Regional Bank (MO)3$3,577,500$1,192,500
61First Nations Bank (IL)2$3,548,000$1,774,000
62Morton Community Bank (IL)13$3,520,200$270,785
63HomeTrust Bank (NC)3$3,269,000$1,089,667
64Berkshire Bank (MA)5$3,266,500$653,300
65Home Loan Investment Bank, F.S.B. (RI)1$3,140,000$3,140,000
66The First National Bank and Trust Company (WI)1$3,000,000$3,000,000
67PCB Bank (CA)3$2,859,000$953,000
68West Town Bank & Trust (IL)3$2,835,000$945,000
69Beverly Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)9$2,685,000$298,333
70Bank of Belleville (IL)8$2,667,600$333,450
71Signature Bank (IL)3$2,590,000$863,333
72Harvest Small Business Finance, LLC (CA)6$2,578,200$429,700
73Old Plank Trail Community Bank, National Association (IL)3$2,488,000$829,333
74Citizens First Bank (IA)3$2,462,500$820,833
75INB, National Association (IL)6$2,361,000$393,500
76Belmont Bank & Trust Company (IL)1$2,308,000$2,308,000
77The Fidelity Bank (NC)1$2,300,000$2,300,000
78Libertyville Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)8$2,154,000$269,250
79First Savings Bank (IN)7$2,072,500$296,071
80Stearns Bank National Association (MN)4$2,072,000$518,000
81Dogwood State Bank (NC)3$2,048,600$682,867
82Fountainhead SBF LLC (FL)2$2,017,000$1,008,500
83First National Bank of Omaha (NE)4$1,972,000$493,000
84Bank Five Nine (WI)2$1,957,000$978,500
85First National Bank of Pennsylvania (NC)3$1,850,000$616,667
86SouthernTrust Bank (IL)8$1,848,400$231,050
87Community State Bank (IL)2$1,828,700$914,350
88CRF Small Business Loan Company, LLC (MN)2$1,810,000$905,000
89CIBM Bank (WI)4$1,757,500$439,375
90Colony Bank (GA)9$1,738,800$193,200
91Southern Bank (MO)1$1,736,000$1,736,000
92Time Bank (IL)4$1,732,400$433,100
93American Momentum Bank (TX)3$1,666,700$555,567
94Five Star Bank (CA)5$1,550,000$310,000
95Citizens Bank (TN)3$1,464,600$488,200
96Northwest Bank (PA)2$1,452,000$726,000
97Crystal Lake Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)2$1,447,200$723,600
98Peoples National Bank, National Association (IL)5$1,421,200$284,240
99East West Bank (CA)2$1,390,000$695,000
100The Fisher National Bank (IL)6$1,342,500$223,750
101United Community Bank (SC)4$1,320,000$330,000
102Old Second National Bank (IL)2$1,273,500$636,750
103State Bank of the Lakes, National Association (IL)4$1,273,000$318,250
104Legence Bank (IL)3$1,200,200$400,067
105Bank of Hope (CA)4$1,029,000$257,250
106Regions Bank (AL)3$1,028,100$342,700
107FinWise Bank (UT)1$1,000,000$1,000,000
108Providence Bank & Trust (IL)2$955,000$477,500
109United Community Bank (IL)4$922,100$230,525
110Northeast Bank (ME)16$913,000$57,063
111First Western SBLC, Inc (TX)1$890,000$890,000
112Banterra Bank (IL)2$875,500$437,750
113Gulf Coast Bank and Trust Company (LA)2$856,000$428,000
114The Harvard State Bank (IL)2$791,000$395,500
115First IC Bank (GA)1$785,000$785,000
116First Foundation Bank (CA)1$778,100$778,100
117Grasshopper Bank National Association (NY)1$749,700$749,700
118Arvest Bank (AR)1$744,000$744,000
119Hinsdale Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)2$726,000$363,000
120Quad City Bank and Trust Company (IA)2$660,000$330,000
121Blue Ridge Bank, National Association (VA)1$658,500$658,500
122IncredibleBank (WI)1$647,500$647,500
123Grand Ridge National Bank (IL)2$607,600$303,800
124Meadows Bank (NV)1$600,000$600,000
125Peoples Bank & Trust (IL)5$580,500$116,100
126Heartland Bank and Trust Company (IL)1$573,000$573,000
127Northbrook Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)1$500,000$500,000
128Elevate Bank National Association (KS)1$499,800$499,800
129First Financial Bank (AR)1$488,400$488,400
130Exos Small Business Lending LLC (CO)1$485,000$485,000
131Lake Forest Bank & Trust Company, National Association (IL)2$470,000$235,000
132The First National Bank of Waterloo (IL)7$455,000$65,000
133Community First Bank of the Heartland (IL)4$425,000$106,250
134IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union (IL)1$400,000$400,000
135Ameris Bank (GA)1$385,000$385,000
136Devon Bank (IL)2$375,000$187,500
137First Commonwealth Bank (PA)1$360,000$360,000
138SNB Bank, National Association (OK)1$350,000$350,000
1391NB Bank (IL)2$344,000$172,000
140CIBC Bank USA (IL)1$329,000$329,000
141Granite Bank (MN)1$327,500$327,500
142First Security Bank (IL)1$315,000$315,000
143Community National Bank (VT)1$300,000$300,000
144CDC Small Business Finance Corporation (CA)2$265,000$132,500
145Commerce Bank (MO)4$254,200$63,550
146Platinum Bank (MN)1$234,000$234,000
147Justine Petersen Housing & Reinvestment Corporation (MO)2$230,000$115,000
148Lendistry SBLC, LLC (CA)2$206,000$103,000
149Parkway Bank and Trust Company (IL)1$175,000$175,000
150First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company (NC)1$155,000$155,000
151Resource Bank, National Association (IL)1$150,000$150,000
152Cambridge Savings Bank (MA)1$150,000$150,000
153First National Bank of Pana (IL)1$132,300$132,300
154The First National Bank of Carmi (IL)1$112,500$112,500
155Home State Bank, National Association (IL)1$112,000$112,000
156Peru Federal Savings Bank (IL)1$90,000$90,000
157Hanover Community Bank (NY)1$80,000$80,000
158Royal Banks of Missouri (MO)1$63,100$63,100
159First Merchants Bank (IN)1$50,000$50,000
160First Financial Bank, National Association (IN)1$50,000$50,000
161First National Bank (SD)1$40,000$40,000

Source: Lumos Data