Indiana State 7(a) Lenders Rankings for FY 2023

RANKLender# Loans$ AmountAverage Loan Size
1The Huntington National Bank (OH)315$58,025,500$184,208
2Live Oak Banking Company (NC)26$31,031,000$1,193,500
3Old National Bank (IN)31$27,342,300$882,010
4Centier Bank (IN)58$25,197,100$434,433
5Merchants Bank of Indiana (IN)29$22,570,400$778,290
6First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)11$18,636,000$1,694,182
71st Source Bank (IN)100$17,175,500$171,755
8First Bank of the Lake (MO)13$16,052,900$1,234,838
9GBank (NV)4$15,202,000$3,800,500
10Community First Bank of Indiana (IN)26$12,645,100$486,350
11KeyBank National Association (OH)34$10,667,400$313,747
12Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)14$10,267,000$733,357
13Home Loan Investment Bank, F.S.B. (RI)4$9,554,000$2,388,500
14Fifth Third Bank (OH)7$9,055,000$1,293,571
15First Financial Bank (OH)15$8,277,500$551,833
16Millennium Bank (IL)4$8,046,200$2,011,550
17Lake City Bank (IN)15$6,994,200$466,280
18Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company (KY)10$6,873,300$687,330
19Horizon Bank (IN)22$6,759,200$307,236
20East West Bank (CA)4$6,339,000$1,584,750
21First Bank Richmond (IN)5$6,044,000$1,208,800
22Byline Bank (IL)6$6,040,000$1,006,667
23Customers Bank (PA)3$5,786,000$1,928,667
24Centerstone SBA Lending, Inc. (CA)3$5,572,000$1,857,333
25First Savings Bank (IN)4$5,357,900$1,339,475
26Dream First Bank National Association (KS)1$4,930,000$4,930,000
27First Harrison Bank (IN)9$4,912,900$545,878
28Bank Five Nine (WI)4$4,909,500$1,227,375
29Cadence Bank (MS)13$4,562,800$350,985
30First Merchants Bank (IN)27$4,478,900$165,885
31The State Bank and Trust Company (OH)5$4,153,000$830,600
32Enterprise Bank & Trust (MO)1$3,999,100$3,999,100
33STAR Financial Bank (IN)28$3,876,700$138,454
34Everwise Credit Union (IN)13$3,713,800$285,677
35LendingClub Bank, National Association (IL)2$3,564,000$1,782,000
36JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (OH)23$3,454,200$150,183
37German American Bank (IN)7$3,353,000$479,000
38Citizens State Bank of New Castle (IN)19$3,312,000$174,316
39BayFirst National Bank (FL)21$3,099,500$147,595
40First Federal Savings Bank (IN)8$3,014,500$376,813
41PNC Bank, National Association (DE)18$2,990,500$166,139
42The First National Bank of Carmi (IL)5$2,756,900$551,380
43Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)6$2,610,900$435,150
44Exos Small Business Lending LLC (CO)1$2,580,000$2,580,000
45The Farmers Bank, Frankfort, Indiana (IN)4$2,462,600$615,650
46First Farmers Bank & Trust Co. (IN)3$2,455,200$818,400
47Readycap Lending, LLC (NJ)9$2,225,000$247,222
48Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)11$2,148,000$195,273
49Crossroads Bank (IN)3$2,124,700$708,233
50CIBM Bank (WI)3$1,965,000$655,000
51United Community Bank (SC)2$1,920,000$960,000
52Field & Main Bank (KY)4$1,909,000$477,250
53Inova FCU (IN)3$1,908,000$636,000
54The Bancorp Bank National Association (SD)2$1,898,600$949,300
55State Bank (IN)5$1,830,000$366,000
56Community State Bank (IN)1$1,796,000$1,796,000
57Citizens Bank (TN)2$1,715,200$857,600
58United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)6$1,648,000$274,667
59American Community Bank of Indiana (IN)4$1,571,600$392,900
60Capitol National Bank (MI)4$1,566,900$391,725
61Flagship Enterprise Center, Inc. (dba Bankable) (IN)10$1,564,000$156,400
62First State Bank of Middlebury (IN)2$1,550,000$775,000
63Regions Bank (AL)2$1,413,700$706,850
64Owen County State Bank (IN)1$1,400,000$1,400,000
65U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)22$1,225,700$55,714
66Stearns Bank National Association (MN)2$1,175,000$587,500
67The Freedom Bank of Virginia (NY)1$1,165,000$1,165,000
68Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (DE)1$1,160,000$1,160,000
69First Chatham Bank (GA)1$1,105,000$1,105,000
70Five Star Bank (CA)4$1,081,000$270,250
71Northwest Bank (PA)6$1,067,800$177,967
72Hendricks County Bank and Trust Company (IN)11$937,400$85,218
73Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)1$892,500$892,500
74Berkshire Bank (MA)2$890,000$445,000
75Peoples Bank (IN)5$870,000$174,000
76BMO Bank National Association (WI)1$840,000$840,000
77Home Bank, SB (IN)2$801,300$400,650
78Midland States Bank (IL)3$790,000$263,333
79Busey Bank (IL)2$780,800$390,400
80FWBank (IL)2$776,000$388,000
81Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company (IN)7$773,500$110,500
82United FCU (MI)2$773,200$386,600
83Heritage FCU (IN)9$742,400$82,489
84American Bank of Freedom (MO)2$720,000$360,000
85PromiseOne Bank (GA)1$700,000$700,000
86IncredibleBank (WI)1$657,000$657,000
87Premier Bank (OH)2$600,000$300,000
88Indiana Members CU (IN)1$550,000$550,000
89Sonata Bank (TN)1$500,000$500,000
90ConnectOne Bank (NY)1$495,000$495,000
91Community Banks of Colorado, A Division of (CO)1$493,000$493,000
92Colony Bank (GA)2$450,000$225,000
93The North Salem State Bank (IN)4$416,900$104,225
94CDC Small Business Finance Corporation (CA)2$400,000$200,000
95Northeast Bank (ME)5$393,400$78,680
96Bank of America, National Association (SC)2$373,600$186,800
97Old Plank Trail Community Bank, National Association (IL)1$366,000$366,000
98DeMotte State Bank (IN)1$360,000$360,000
99First Commonwealth Bank (PA)1$340,000$340,000
100Grand Ridge National Bank (IL)1$330,000$330,000
101The Riddell National Bank (IN)2$325,000$162,500
102AG CREDIT ACA (OH)1$315,000$315,000
103Logansport Savings Bank (IN)1$300,000$300,000
104Hoosier Hills CU (IN)1$300,000$300,000
105MVB Bank, Inc. (OH)1$297,000$297,000
106Banterra Bank (IL)3$278,800$92,933
107Three Rivers FCU (IN)1$250,000$250,000
108The Bank of Houston (MO)1$247,000$247,000
109Flagstar Bank National Association (NY)1$234,000$234,000
110Security Federal Savings Bank (IN)1$207,000$207,000
111Peoples Bank (MS)1$190,000$190,000
112Elements Financial FCU (IN)1$190,000$190,000
113The Home National Bank of Thorntown (IN)2$177,700$88,850
114West Town Bank & Trust (IL)1$145,000$145,000
115Republic Bank & Trust Company (KY)1$100,000$100,000
116Legence Bank (IL)1$100,000$100,000
117Greenville National Bank (OH)1$100,000$100,000
118The Bath State Bank (IN)1$67,500$67,500
119The Napoleon State Bank (IN)1$54,000$54,000
120Glacier Bank (MT)1$49,500$49,500

Source: Lumos Data