“It is what it looks like.” – Government Concludes with Closing Arguments Against banc-serv Defendants

By Joseph Coleman
Contributing Editor, Coleman Report
August 3, 2021

The Government presented their closing arguments to prosecute banc-serv employees Tuesday morning and reminded the jury, “It is what it looks like.”

banc-serv had the appearance of following the rules as an LSP while breaking them systematically, says the Government.

Government attorneys claim the defendants were so committed to the fraud they never thought of doing the right thing.

Simply put, “banc-serv never loses a guaranty”.

Prosecutors detailed the repeated lies banc-serv defendants emailed directly to SBA. One loan tallied eleven lies via email, all well documented by the Government.

One guaranty purchase package prepared by Nicole Smith had a crude signature white-out alteration, followed by email evidence from Kelly Isley that stated, “fix the pages.”

And to really drive the point home, Kerri Agee emailed her co-conspirators, “They got us.”

Defense attorney’s for the five banc-serv employees maintain that “delinquent payroll tax” is never defined in the SOP and there was no intentional scheme or agreement amongst the defendants.

After closing arguments conclude, Jurors will be asked to deliberate on all criminal counts later today.

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