Karen Mills Legacy is a Stronger SBA

February 11, 2013

Karen Mills Legacy is a Stronger SBA

During an interview with Kurt Chilcott, President and CEO of the nation’s largest SBA 504 lender, Bob Coleman asked him to respond to today’s news that SBA Administrator Karen Mills is stepping down

Bob Coleman: Kurt, just came over the wire. Karen Mills is resigning after a strong run as SBA administrator. Tell me what you think she will rank in terms of administrators, how do you think she did for the industry?

Kurt Chilcott: Well, what I think is that Karen Mills has overseen a time period of great challenge but also tremendous exposure and for small businesses. We have been on the front burner with this administration in the news since she came on board. The priority has been how are we going to get small businesses the capital so that they can grow so that we can revive the economy. So we have seen unprecedented numbers of White House events; the profile of the SBA has been raised tremendously; and we have had an extremely collaborative working relationship with the SBA. So in my opinion her legacy is going to be that she raised the profile of the Agency, of small business in general in our country, and hopefully laid the foundation for a stronger Small Business Association and better lending programs moving into the future.

Bob: Very well said. Kurt Chilcott, President and CEO of CDC Small Business Finance, San Diego California. Kurt, thank you for joining us.

Kurt: Thank you so much Bob, good to be with you.

(We will run the entire interview tomorrow where Kurt talks about the current state of the SBA 504 lending program)

Watch the 1:47 min video with Bob Coleman and Kurt Chilcott