Kentucky SBA 7(a) Lender Rankings for FY 2023

RANKLender# Loans$ AmountAverage Loan Size
1Live Oak Banking Company (NC)8$16,700,200$2,087,525
2Stock Yards Bank & Trust Company (KY)42$16,628,800$395,924
3Republic Bank & Trust Company (KY)32$13,744,200$429,506
4The Huntington National Bank (OH)63$13,066,300$207,402
5Community Trust Bank, Inc. (KY)45$9,425,500$209,456
6Peoples Bank (MS)3$7,629,800$2,543,267
7GBank (NV)5$7,099,400$1,419,880
8Old National Bank (IN)10$6,355,400$635,540
9U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)43$5,802,400$134,940
10Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)3$5,486,200$1,828,733
11Eclipse Bank, Inc. (KY)2$5,252,700$2,626,350
12The Bancorp Bank National Association (SD)2$5,239,400$2,619,700
13Stone Bank (AR)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
14General Electric CU (OH)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
15JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (OH)9$4,726,000$525,111
16Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Company (KY)7$4,533,400$647,629
17First Financial Bank (OH)8$3,604,100$450,513
18First Chatham Bank (GA)3$3,603,800$1,201,267
19Harvest Small Business Finance, LLC (CA)2$3,500,000$1,750,000
20PNC Bank, National Association (DE)21$2,790,500$132,881
21Town & Country Bank and Trust Company (KY)1$2,790,000$2,790,000
22United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)4$2,727,000$681,750
23Byline Bank (IL)4$2,695,000$673,750
24Wright Patt CU Inc (OH)2$2,621,000$1,310,500
25Fifth Third Bank (OH)8$2,425,900$303,238
26Peoples Bank (OH)3$2,222,500$740,833
27Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)8$2,140,500$267,563
28First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)2$1,910,000$955,000
29First Western SBLC, Inc (TX)1$1,696,000$1,696,000
30Heritage Bank, Inc. (KY)4$1,630,000$407,500
31Milestone Bank (UT)1$1,510,000$1,510,000
32Readycap Lending, LLC (NJ)8$1,505,500$188,188
33Fund-Ex Solutions Group, LLC (FL)1$1,470,400$1,470,400
34South Central Bank, Inc. (KY)7$1,458,500$208,357
35BayFirst National Bank (FL)12$1,452,500$121,042
36Grasshopper Bank National Association (NY)1$1,334,000$1,334,000
37Field & Main Bank (KY)2$1,117,600$558,800
38CenterBank (OH)3$1,100,000$366,667
39First Bank of the Lake (MO)2$1,064,000$532,000
40KeyBank National Association (OH)4$1,053,300$263,325
41WesBanco Bank, Inc. (WV)8$1,051,900$131,488
42Bank of Oak Ridge (NC)1$999,500$999,500
43North State Bank (NC)1$975,000$975,000
44West Town Bank & Trust (IL)2$968,500$484,250
45German American Bank (IN)3$938,000$312,667
46Community Financial Services Bank (KY)2$935,900$467,950
47Renasant Bank (GA)1$931,200$931,200
48Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)4$825,000$206,250
49FNB Bank, Inc. (KY)3$775,000$258,333
50Tandem Bank (GA)2$620,000$310,000
51Heritage FCU (IN)2$610,000$305,000
52The Paducah Bank and Trust Company (KY)2$508,000$254,000
53Telhio CU Inc (OH)1$500,000$500,000
54First Financial Bank, National Association (IN)1$490,000$490,000
55Cadence Bank (MS)2$490,000$245,000
56Hanover Community Bank (NY)1$430,000$430,000
57Legence Bank (IL)2$428,700$214,350
58First Commonwealth Bank (PA)1$400,000$400,000
59Central Bank & Trust Co. (KY)1$350,000$350,000
60CapStar Bank (TN)1$350,000$350,000
61American Bank & Trust Company, Inc. (KY)1$340,000$340,000
62Five Star Bank (CA)1$300,000$300,000
63Wilmington Savings Fund Society, FSB (DE)1$290,000$290,000
64Forcht Bank, National Association (KY)1$256,000$256,000
65MVB Bank, Inc. (OH)1$250,000$250,000
66Bank of the Bluegrass & Trust Company (KY)1$234,000$234,000
67SouthState Bank, National Association (FL)1$150,000$150,000
68First Harrison Bank (IN)1$137,000$137,000
69Traditional Bank, Inc. (KY)1$92,000$92,000
70Northeast Bank (ME)2$75,000$37,500
71First Financial Bank (AR)1$17,000$17,000
72Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)1$15,000$15,000
73Pinnacle Bank (SC)1$416,700$416,700
74First Financial Bank (AR)1$400,000$400,000
75OMB Bank (MO)1$350,000$350,000
76Swedish-American State Bank (KS)1$347,500$347,500
77First State Bank and Trust (KS)3$299,000$99,667
78Home Bank and Trust Company (KS)1$298,400$298,400
79First Fidelity Bank (OK)1$271,300$271,300
80CommunityAmerica CU (MO)1$233,200$233,200
81The Bank (KS)2$210,700$105,350
82The Baldwin State Bank (KS)1$207,000$207,000
83KS StateBank (KS)1$200,000$200,000
84First Heritage Bank (KS)1$167,800$167,800
85The First National Bank of Hutchinson (KS)2$160,000$80,000
86The Halstead Bank (KS)1$150,000$150,000
87Tandem Bank (GA)1$150,000$150,000
88The Peoples Bank (KS)1$125,000$125,000
89Community First National Bank (KS)3$119,000$39,667
90South Central Kansas Economic Development District, Inc. (KS)2$114,600$57,300
91The Central Trust Bank (MO)1$106,800$106,800
92Cadence Bank (MS)1$100,000$100,000
93RCB Bank (OK)2$97,900$48,950
94Clay County Savings Bank (MO)1$75,000$75,000
95Union State Bank (KS)1$60,000$60,000

Source: Lumos Data