Kris Roglieri will Stay Detained After Threatening an FBI Agent

June 4, 2024

Delaney Sexton
Contributing Editor

Kris Roglieri will Stay Detained After Threatening an FBI Agent

Source: Warren County Sheriff’s Office

When it comes to white-collar crime, the arrestee will normally have the right to bail, but Kris Roglieri will remain detained. Prosecutors cite that he is a “danger to society” and a flight risk. Prosecutors wrote to the Judge saying that “…the defendant presents an unmistakably serious risk of obstruction of justice and a danger to the community based on his threats of violence, including his recent threat to murder an FBI agent who is investigating him.”

An unnamed individual said Roglieri claimed he would “take out” the receiver and judge of his bankruptcy proceeding. He told that same woman on May 24th that he knows three of the FBI agents investigating him, and he knows the home address of one of the agents.

Last Friday, Kris Roglieri was arrested for wire fraud in connection to the alleged theft of $5 million. An egg farm approached Roglieri and Prime Capital hoping to secure $100 million for a project. The Minnesota company sent a $5 million interest payment, but the government is accusing Roglieri of spending the money to pay back a different client, purchase a Rolex watch, and pay for private flights to and from Anguilla for a family vacation.

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