Kris Roglieri’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Converted to a Chapter 7

May 20, 2024

Delaney Sexton
Contributing Editor

Kris Roglieri’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Converted to a Chapter 7

Source: Warren County Sheriff’s Office

The recent change to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was intended to sell Roglieri’s assets for the benefit of the creditors. The trustee is seeking access to Roglieri’s mansion as part of the plan to sell his assets. Larry Rulison at the Times Union reports that Roglieri’s bankruptcy attorney requested to drop Roglieri as a client after experiencing “irreconcilable differences.” Some of Roglieri’s past clients alleged that Roglieri used their deposit money to pay the attorney’s retainer fee.

Initially, Roglieri was hoping his businesses would go on, but the trustee asserted that this would not be possible without earning revenue or maintaining financial records. Sean Murray at deBanked reports that the NACLB conference changed its name. Additionally, they sent a mass email that stated the conferenced would continue “despite uncertainties surrounding this year’s even due to unrelated legal issues.” The email says that “we are thrilled to announce that the annual conference will proceed this November under a new rebranded name.”

No information has come out about the federal criminal investigation.

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