Live Oak Bank Tops Wyoming SBA 7(a) Lender FY23 List

RANKLender# Loans$ AmountAverage Loan Size
1Live Oak Banking Company (NC)5$9,700,000$1,940,000
2Newtek Small Business Finance, Inc. (NY)2$5,350,000$2,675,000
3Exos Small Business Lending LLC (CO)1$5,000,000$5,000,000
4Wells Fargo Bank, National Association (SD)2$4,765,000$2,382,500
5Byline Bank (IL)1$4,462,500$4,462,500
6First Internet Bank of Indiana (IN)2$2,512,000$1,256,000
7The Yellowstone Bank (MT)1$2,060,000$2,060,000
8Umpqua Bank (CA)1$2,030,600$2,030,600
9Mission Valley Bank (CA)1$1,723,000$1,723,000
10Citizens Bank (TN)1$1,577,900$1,577,900
11Fund-Ex Solutions Group, LLC (FL)2$1,543,000$771,500
12Bank of Bridger, National Association (MT)8$1,334,000$166,750
13First National Bank of Omaha (NE)3$1,017,000$339,000
14Grasshopper Bank National Association (NY)1$783,000$783,000
15First Interstate Bank (MT)1$775,800$775,800
16JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association (OH)2$600,000$300,000
17Cadence Bank (MS)3$600,000$200,000
18Community Banks of Colorado, A Division of (CO)3$596,000$198,667
19Glacier Bank (MT)1$595,000$595,000
20U.S. Bank, National Association (OH)3$549,000$183,000
21Platte Valley Bank (WY)5$508,000$101,600
22Wyoming Community Bank (WY)3$496,100$165,367
23TBK Bank, SSB (IA)1$486,000$486,000
24Cache Valley Bank (UT)2$468,000$234,000
25Newtek Bank, National Association (FL)1$350,000$350,000
26BayFirst National Bank (FL)2$300,000$150,000
27United Midwest Savings Bank, National Association (OH)1$150,000$150,000
28Highmark FCU (SD)1$150,000$150,000
29First Bank of the Lake (MO)1$150,000$150,000
30Celtic Bank Corporation (UT)1$150,000$150,000
31Platte Valley Bank (NE)1$112,000$112,000
32CDC Small Business Finance Corporation (CA)1$106,000$106,000
33Bank of Star Valley (WY)1$45,000$45,000

Source: Lumos Data