Main Street Monday — 20% of Self-Employed are Immigrant Entrepreneurs

October 31, 2016

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Main Street Monday

crpmgraph103116Main Street Monday — 20% of Self-Employed are Immigrant Entrepreneurs

SBA’s Office of Advocacy publishes great content about Main Street and the operators of those small businesses.

This October report focuses on the positive impact of immigration and small business creation.

An excerpt:

The benefits of entrepreneurship to society exceed the benefits of entrepreneurship to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is an important source of jobs and innovation. A healthy population of businesses also keeps prices low through competition for customers and wages high through competition for employees.

Alexander, known as Aleck to his family, was born in Scotland in 1847 and later immigrated to Canada. His father taught speaking skills to the deaf. In 1871, Aleck began teaching speaking skills to deaf students in Boston. His most famous consultation would be with Helen Keller, who was deaf and blind but became a celebrated speaker and author.

She dedicated her autobiography to him.

Aleck also experimented with the electronic transmission of sound. He believed that different tones could be used to send multiple telegraph messages simultaneously over a single wire. Work on a prototype led to the discovery of the potential for transmitting the complex sounds necessary for speech.

In 1876, Aleck, also known as Alexander Graham Bell, patented the resulting invention, the telephone. The Bell Telephone Company was founded a year later and eventually became AT&T. In 1984, when it was divided into several different companies to address the concerns of regulators, AT&T was the largest company in the world, with over a million employees and $70 billion in annual revenue.

Access the report here.

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