Main Street Monday – Chairman Rogers Calls for SBA Employees to Return to Office

August 21, 2023

Delaney Sexton
Contributing Editor

Main Street Monday – Chairman Rogers Calls for SBA Employees to Return to Office

“Even though Main Street has long been back to work, the SBA is still allowing its employees to only come into work twice a week. It’s time they start marching to the same tune. I sincerely hope Administrator Guzman listens to the American people and reconsiders her policy of remote work so that all small businesses can better receive the assistance they need,” says Chairman Williams of the House Committee on Small Business.

Chairman Roger Williams is calling for the SBA to implement “an aggressive return-to-work policy” so that more SBA employees return to the office. He sent a letter to Administrator Guzman requesting information on the SBA’s return-to-work plan, the number of employees utilizing work from home, and the average number of days that SBA employees telework in a single period. The letter states that the information should be given to the Committee no later than August 28.

The House Committee on Small Business is not the only group to raise concerns over SBA’s work from home policies since the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee also requested information about the work from home and telework policies. Chairman Williams’ letter stated that the other Committee’s request “appears to have gone unanswered” since a follow-up request was sent to the SBA.  

This topic of conversation was sparked earlier this year in the “Oversight of the Small Business Administration” hearing in March. The House Committee questioned the SBA’s work from home policies that require employees to work in the office only two days a pay period or once a week.

“Not only have these work from home policies potentially harmed small businesses, but they have also wasted American taxpayers’ dollars,” reads the letter to the SBA. “Our Committee similarly remains deeply concerned at SBA’s dedication to enacting a return-to-work policy that will benefit America’s small businesses”

House Committee Press Release
Letter to Administrator Casillas Guzman