Main Street Monday — Main Street Optimism Continues to Increase

August 17, 2015

Main Street Monday — Main Street Optimism Continues to Increase

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Main Street Monday

crpmgraph081715-2Says Chase in its 2015 Small Business Leaders Outlook report.

Main Street continues to expect continued recovery after the recession. 2015 numbers are across the board stronger than in 2014.

Main Street expects higher revenues, profits and continues to be optimistic about the US economy. Over 25% will be adding full and part-time employees.

Notably, concerns over health care costs and taxes have dropped. My take is Main Street continues to spend its energy to find ways to improve their own businesses, and not worry too much about the larger economic macro issues.

Check out the stats.

Main Street’s Business Expectations

  • 60% Will Increase Revenues
  • 55% Will Increase Profits

US Economy

  • 47% Optimistic
  • 27% Neutral
  • 26% Pessimistic

Main Street’s Concern Over Regulatory Challenges Falls (2015 vs 2014)

  • Taxes 49% vs 56%
  • Healthcare 46% vs 54%
  • Fiscal Policy 39% vs 47%

Main Street Employment Projections

  • Will Hire Full Time Employees — 28%
  • Will Hire Part Time Employees — 28%
  • Employee Compensation will Increase — 37%

Percentage of Main Street Concerned about Access to Capital — 16% (down from 26% in 2014)