Main Street Monday — Manufacturing Day Provides Opportunities for SBA Lenders

September 24, 2018

By Mary Miller
Contributing Editor, Main Street Monday

Main Street Monday — Manufacturing Day Provides Opportunities for SBA Lenders

SBA lenders interested in positively supporting local manufacturing businesses in their communities, increasing their visibility and/or promoting loan opportunities can jump on this ever-growing bandwagon by becoming a sponsor, endorser or otherwise participate in Manufacturing Day 2018.

The Manufacturing Institute, social promoter for the National Association of Manufactures (NAM), gears up for its annual Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 5, 2018.

The goal of Manufacturing Day is to educate communities on the misconceptions surrounding the manufacturing industry, in addition to revealing new, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.

The annual event allows local manufacturing companies a chance to pull back the curtain to show the challenges they face, strides they have made to grow their businesses and ways they add value to their community.

A 2016 poll conducted by Deloitte indicated that 84% of students attending the event were “more convinced manufacturing provides careers that are interesting and rewarding,” and that 64% of students were “more motivated to pursue a career in manufacturing.” Over 300,000 students attend and participate in Manufacturing Day events across the country each year.

Deloitte’s 2016 exit poll shows that all attendees came away with more a more positive opinion of manufacturing and were more inclined to consider a future career in manufacturing.

To promote and inspire future generations of manufacturers, over 100 Manufacturing Day-related proclamations have been made by federal, state and local government agencies. Over 5000 news stories have been covered, and numerous endorsements and other forms of participation have helped gain momentum and excitement surrounding this event.

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