Main Street Monday – Two-Thirds of Small Businesses on eBay Reach Three or More Countries

November 21, 2022

Delaney Sexton
Contributing Editor

Main Street Monday – Two-Thirds of Small Businesses on eBay Reach Three or More Countries

“Small businesses are the backbone of eBay, and our platform exists to power their success at every stage of their journeys. eBay sellers bring incredibly diverse inventory to our marketplace — united by a shared passion and expertise for the communities they serve,” says Jordan Sweetnam, Senior Vice President, Global Markets at eBay. Earlier this month, eBay published its 2022 Small Business Report highlighting the relationship between small businesses and eBay’s platform.

Here are the facts:

• Almost a third of the business owners surveyed said that their business would not be able to exist without eBay while 40% said that their business relies on eBay a lot.
• Women surveyed were 13% more likely to say that eBay is essential to their business and 5% more likely to say that eBay played a significant role in starting their business.
• 94% of sellers described eBay as being accessible to all people at least moderately well.
• In the last year, over two-thirds of those surveyed reported selling to more than three countries besides their own, and a third reported selling to more than six countries.
• Almost 60% of small businesses surveyed say that eBay’s community of sellers is necessary or essential to their business.
• 83% said that eBay helped them turn their passion into a business.
• Since 2020, the Up & Running Grants program launched by eBay has assisted 150 small business sellers across the U.S. and committed $1.5 million in funding.

“Our sellers dream big and work hard to realize their personal goals. What they do is truly inspirational,” says Jamie Iannone, President and CEO. “We partner with them along their journey, helping to propel their success and creating economic opportunity for all.”

2022 eBay Small Business Report