Main Street Wednesday — David Vitter Governor Bid Good for Main Street?

February 18, 2015

By Bob Coleman
Editor, Coleman Report

The new Republican head of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship committee will only serve two years as Chair as he simultaneously runs for Governor of Louisiana.

Reports Joyce Rosenberg of the Associated Press:

David Vitter, who became chairman last month when Republicans took control of the Senate, is the front-runner in this year’s race for Louisiana governor. His strategy? Work on small business issues when he’s in Washington, and focus on Louisiana during weekends and congressional recesses. He’s not worried. It’s a routine he says he’s followed for years.

“It’s just not that big a change in my mind,” Vitter says.

His candidacy may put a spotlight on small business, says Todd McCracken, president of the advocacy group National Small Business Association. But running a campaign for such a high office is bound to take some time and attention from his ­committee work, he says.

“Anyone running for governor has to spend a fair amount of time back in the state,” McCracken says.